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The Phone Sex Scam

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                              THE PHONE SEX SCANDAL

                                  By L.E. Pirate

                     Tested by Dial Tone and Lightning Phantom

                       >>> A CULT Publication......1987 <<<
                         -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-
                          A Black September Presentation

      Ever called a phone sex line?  Moaning and groaning of sensual
 pleasures for only 20-45 bucks, and memberships?  Well.  As I called one
 to tape (to play over the school P.A. system) I thought about one of the
 best credit card scams I have thought of in awhile.

   The Scandal:

      The only way your are going to be able to pull this off is if you
 have call waiting (this is a necessary for the 1st type of phone sex scam),
 or a Voice Mail System (this is easy, but it is harder to get the cards
 out of the perverted ones).  
  Sub-Section #1 : Call Waiting
  Materials Needed
  A Phone with TONE dialing (that PULSE shit ain't gonna cut it!)
  Call Waiting (of course)
  The number to the BEST phone sex line you can get (live convo's ONLY!)
  A good phreak (unless you live in LA where all the good ones are)
  A good MC/AMEX/VISA card (the sex line must carry all of those)
  Setting it up
      Using one of the cards, advertise in Penthouse Forum, Club, X Rated
 Porn Stars, or any other porno mag that is semi-hardcore and carries the
 sex line ads and card an advertisement.  Have it run for a few weeks
 (send in a picture and shit for the ad, they will tell you all about it).
 You should get a different phone line that can be easily disconnected
 by Ma Bell so the feds don't come a runnin' and the perverts don't keep
 calling back.  When the guys (or girls) call to "have sex", you simply
 answer the phone "Triple X Hardcore Porn Line, may I help you?"  Go for
 a big ass ad in the mag, since you're not paying for it anyway.  Ask for
 the person's credit card type, card #, expiration, bank number, name, etc.
 Don't ask too much personal information, you do not want them to hang up
 on you.  Then after they give you the information, say "please wait".  
 Next, dial the >GOOD< porn line and give THEM the information the person
 gave you (act as though you are them).  Just before the chick comes on,
 hit the button and stick the dude online, say "enjoy!"  Don't hang up, 
 you will disconnect them (on some phones).  I have also found that if you
 record them, you can exploit it to the maximum (if they are kids, tell
 them to give you all their parents cards or you will send the tape to mommy
 and daddy).  You know have a good card, (if it has enough money on it for
 the line you just called!), go out and have fun.  That is just 1 way to do
  Sub-Section #2 : Voice Mail Systems
    Get ahold of a voice mail system, the kind you just dial up and answers
  like an answering machine (the Dragonfire one is 415-227-5618, call it for
  an example).  Set up the message (get your girlfriend to do this, or if
  you are a geek and have a squeaky voice, go for it!) to say something like
  this "Welcummmmm, tooooo Pandora's Hardcore Triple X CUM Again Porn Line,
  Please leave your name, number, credit card type, card number, expiration
  date, bank number, and anything you'd like to talk about.  We will call you
  back in 2 hours.  If this is inconvienent, please hang up and call when it
  is not.  Otherwise, you will be getting the hottest head in LA,SF,Trenton,
  Lubbock, etc. Thank you for calling, mmmmmmmmmmm." BEEP.  This way is a
  piece of shit way since it is so fucken inconvienent.  You would be lucky
  if you got 2-3 cards in a week.  But it's better than nothing.  Remember,
  using this way, you don't do shit!  You do not have to call the guy back.
  You got his card, why give him the merchandise?  Heh.
      I would like to thank ME, Lightning Phantom, Dial Tone, The Traxster,
  Fry Guy, Surf Monster (for being such a good sport on our AT&T bust gag!),
  Swamp Ratte', Brain Tumor, Psychedelic Warlord, Spike Jodus, The Bronze
  Rider, The Blade, The Metallian, The Rocker, The Ronz, Egyptian Lover,
  Vlad The Impalor, Terroristic Smurf, Ax Murderer, Doc Holiday, The Disk
  Jockey (king of carding?  we'll give him that title as an xmas gift, ok?),
  and anyone else who has an ego big enough to add their name to that list,
  do it and die.  I would like to state that credit card fraud is a serious
  offense under the constitution of the united states (i forget what amendment,
  but ya know, the one reagan made a year or two back).  I am not liable for
  what you do with this, and I am in no way responsible for your actions with
  voice mail systems and false advertising.  This file is for informational
  and educational purposes only (they all say that!) and should not actually
  be used.  I had a brainstorm, I put it on text file, that's it, ok?

     Make your life worth living, call these systems...

    Dragonfire Private...1200 only.......[609/424-2606] Black September HQ
    Hard Rock Cafe'......................[201/362-6304] Soon to be Private.
    Nuclear Escape.......................[215/540-9811] Nice big SuperTac.
    Demon Roach Underground..............[806/794-4362] Users, support it!
    Castle Catatonic and Cellulie Spa....[806/794-1842] ^^Same there, bud^^
    Metal AE.....PW=KILL.................[201/879-666-8] A nice, fuzzy, AE.
    Black September/Dragonfire VMS.......[415/227-5618] Leave Dial Tone a msg

(c) 1987  cDc communcations/Black September  by L.E. PIRATE
 All Rights Worth Shit

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