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Another Free/Quick Ca$h scam, worth knowing about

The newest get-rich-quick scam...


                      World Success Enterprises
           916 N.E. 65th., Suite A-202,  Seattle, WA 98115

                          MAKE $5,000/WEEK!!
                    IN YOUR SPARE TIME, FROM HOME!

Dear Friend,

Can you use some extra money? Today, our company is offering you a
RISK-FREE opportunity to earn $5,000 dollars a week working right out
of your home, in your spare time! And the best of all... we can get
you started TODAY!

We are going to show you how to make a FORTUNE by simply placing tiny
classified ads in newspapers in your spare time, and you won't even
need to write a single ad. In fact, if you simply successfully follow
our step by step instructions you WILL be making $10,000/Week by the
end of your very first month!

Just think about it... imagine getting paid $5,000 dollars a week or
more just to place ads in newspapers, what could be better?!! And it
gets better! Just keep on reading, because I am about to show you how
you can follow this plan for just ONE WEEK and retire immediately
with a lifetime residual income in excess of $5,000/Week and not to
work ever again!

You see, our international business firm is expanding its operations,
and we are looking for people just like you to help with our
advertising efforts. This is a ground floor opportunity to reap huge
profits from a virtually untapped market! In fact, this opportunity
is so profitable that our current brokers are enjoying some of the
highest earnings in North America with average annual salaries
exceeding $240,000 a year!!  We would like for YOU to join us and
share in our success!

And guess what? Here's the best part...as an executive broker for our
company you can actually...


That's right! Just imagine... there you are... sun bathing in the
Bahamas, you pick up your phone or fax, you call a newspaper from the
list which we will provide you..then, you place one of our classified
ads...That's IT! In less than 10 minutes, you're done for the day!
From that single ad, you can realistically expect to earn over $2,000
for that week in pure profits!! Not bad for a day huh? You can work
whenever you want, and you won't need any special skill, education,
or experience!

Please understand that this is NOT some "get rich scheme" or an
"amazing money making secret". This is REAL opportunity to earn an
actual income. We do not keep you in the dark and sell you some
"theory" or "idea". Our program is based on actual, PROVEN methods...
which are achieving RESULTS for hundreds of brokers at this very
moment. With our program, your compensation is GUARANTEED in writing!
And unlike other home business opportunities, we are one of the few
companies who actually pay you almost the entirety of the profit! And
remember...that our current brokers, who are following the exact same
step by step instructions which you will receive, are earning an


And most of them are only working a couple hours a week!  Now YOU can
join us and achieve these same outstanding result! And guess what...
when you continue, I will explain the incredible profits potentials
and the amplitude of financial benefits that you will receive as a
company broker. Furthermore, at the end of this text, you will
realize why you will not get an opportunity like this anywhere else!
It is time to get excited!!


All you ever have to do is choose a newspaper, call them up with your
phone or fax, and place one of the ads which are already written for

You will be promoting only our BEST SELLING opportunities.  This
insures that your earnings are maximized and you will enjoy the best
profit margins in the industry.


Your first income opportunity as a representative is to help us
recruit brokers for our other entrepreneurship products. For each new
broker that join us as a result of your efforts, you will receive an
unprecedented $20 commission, and that's not all! You will also
pocket 10% of ALL the profits generated by each of the new brokers
you recruit. What could be better than that?


The second opportunity is advertising our exclusive "Independent
Travel Agent Kit" which shows entrepreneurs how to become "work-at-
home" travel agents for our company. What makes this opportunity
attractive to aspiring entrepreneurs is that brokers receive huge
commission EVERY SINGLE TIME that someone goes on a cruise, airplane,
or hotel through us. They also receive incredible discounts on most
major airlines, cruises, and hotels. For each new travel agent that
join us as a result of your efforts, you will receive a $20


Last, but not least, you have the option of marketing our amazing
"Excellent Credit in 60 Days!" This manual teaches ANYBODY how
quickly and legally improve their credit report and loan
opportunities. This guide is in HIGH demand, and should prove to
bring you a steady, profitable cash flow every single week! You will
receive $20 every time you receive an order for this manual.

As you can see, you have several options available to you. You will
receive camera ready copies of the sales letters for each one of
these opportunities regardless of which you choose to advertise.
Please understand that you can advertise one, two, or all three of
the opportunities, it is entirely up to you!

We Drop Ship All The Orders For You!

That's right! All you really have to do is collect the names and
addresses of the people who reply to your ads completely by mail,
computer, or voice mailbox!

And when you get these names and addresses, you'll mail our sales
letter to them with YOUR OWN name and address listed in the order
form!! That way...


Then, after you receive the orders, you simply fill out a weekly
order sheet and mail it to us listing all the orders and the
addresses for delivery. We will then fill all the orders FOR YOU! I
repeat, you will NOT have to ship any packages or deal with any

This method of payment GUARANTEES that you are immediately
compensated for your efforts. It is simple, and puts cash into your
pocket faster than any other system could.

Please remember...that the AVERAGE salary is $240,000/YR!  Even if
you consider the highly unlikely possibility that you only make one
fourth of what our average broker makes, that STILL $60,000/YR for
working a couple hours a week, right out of your own home. $60,000/YR
is still more that most Americans make working FULL TIME!

But what can you realistically expect to make? Well...

If you place a classified ad in a major newspaper, that ad alone will
probably produce you 500 inquiries by the end of your first week.
(this estimate is based on the average results of our current

If only 30% of those 500 prospects end up placing an order, you will
receive 150 orders.

At $20 per order, you will net $3,000 after just ONE WEEK as a
broker. That is starting with just one ad! After just ONE WEEK, you
would already be making $3,000 a week, $12,000 a month, $144,000 a
year! Imagine what you can make starting with 5 ads!  That is why...


And remember, the average salary is $240,000/YR! That is the average
salary of brokers who got started using the exact same start up
package which you will receive when you send in your application!

I hope you understand that our success as a company is in direct
proportion to YOUR success as a classified ad broker. For this reason
alone, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power
to help you every step of the way.

We WANT you to make money, because the more profits you generate, the
more we can expand as a company. In addition, we will provide you
with the most effective advertising methods to achieve fast,
profitable results.

And you won't be left stranded if you need help either! Because a
personal consultant will be assigned to you to help you every step of
the way! Your consultant will answer any questions you may have
instantly, through email or fax!

And I haven't even told you about what's come next. If you think that
what you can make by advertising is amazing, just wait until you read
what I'm about to tell you...your life is about to change...


Guess what...on top of all the money you can accumulate 
advertising and recruiting, you will also enjoy a substantial 
portion of the profits generated by each new representative you
recruit. This is where you can see your income SKYROCKET! Every
time one of your representatives receives an order, you will collect
a full 10% of their profits! What does this come down to?

For every $1,000 that each of your representatives makes, you will
receive $100. Is that simple!

That can really add up if you recruit just 50!

50 reps, making an average of $1,000 a week, will net you $100 x 50 =
$5,000 extra residual weekly income each and every week for doing
absolutely nothing!

And remember, our average representative is earning over $240,000/YR!
Picture yourself collecting 10% off each one of them! Just imagine
what your profits will be if you recruited 50 representatives!

Just 5 representatives making $1,000/Week equals...
$500/Week...$2,000/Month...$24,000/Year extra income for YOU!

10 representatives making $1,000/Week equals...
$1,000/Week...$4,000/Month...$48,000/Year extra income for you!

100 representatives making $1,000/Week equals...
$10,000/Week...$40,000/Month...$480,000/Year extra income for you!

That EXTRA income on top of your commissioned salary! We can get
you started next week! And in just days, you can go out, and place
one single ad, and you can literally be set for LIFE!!!

In fact, we have over forty brokers who are living off their
residual income alone! Just get off to a good start, and you never
have to work another day in your life! You can go on PERMANENT

Let me make this absolutely crystal clear...If you successfully
follow the steps in the start up package...


Look At What These Brokers Have To Say...

"When I first heard about your company's offer, I thought it was
to good to be true, but I gave it a shot anyway... and it turned
out to be one of the greatest decisions I've ever made!"
                -Jessica McClinton, Clyde Hill

"This program is amazing, it is easier than I imagined. I'm in 
                -Paul Jordan, Chicago

"I made $2,000 my very first week!! Thanks WSE, for helping me 
get out of the 9 to 5 rut! I don't think I could have done it
without your guidance!"
                -Ed Mangual, Seattle


Due to our great success and profit margins, we are able to offer
you this unique opportunity for a small, one time processing fee
of U.S. $34.50 (CAN $44.50) plus $5 Postage and Handling to cover
the cost of your filing expenses and customized representative 
start up package. We do this to be certain that you are serious
about becoming successful with our company.

Then, after we see that you are serious about making your life a
success, we will refund you the entire cost of the start up
package and processing fee.

That's right! After you receive your tenth order, we will send
you a check for U.S. $34.50 (CAN $44.50) as a token of our 
appreciation for trusting your future in our company and making
an effort to achieve your goals. And remember, if you are not
satisfied, you can return the program all together for a full
guaranteed refund!

We are looking for 50 representatives at this company level, So I
urge you to make a positive change in your life, and give this 
opportunity a try. As the old saying goes... it is much worse to
fail to try than to try and fail. I wish you the best of luck
and hope that you join with us and share in our success!

Profitably Yours,
Paul Novani

P.S. Remember, you can try this program out for a full 10 days, if
for some reason, you are not satisfied, or you realize that this 
program is not for you, simply return the package and I will gladly
issue you a FULL REFUND.

P.P.S. If you place your order within 10 days of receiving this
letter, I will personally show you how to make $2,000 by the end
of your FIRST WEEK as a broker.

Our Start Up Package Has Everything You Need To Get Started
             Making Money Immediately!

You will receive a start up package which gets you started with all
the necessary materials and instructions which you will need to
properly represent our company:


-Complete step by step instructions showing you the exact
 steps to follow to be making $5,000/week only three weeks
 after you get started and $10,000/week by the end of your
 first month as a broker.

-20 of the most effective classifieds ads.

-Our exclusive list of the "100 Best Newspapers for
 Classified Advertising"

-A voice-mailbox message script which you can use to 
 generate hundreds of inquiries!

-Camera ready copies of our extremely effective sales 
 letter with your name and address already typeset
 in the order form.

-Our free consulting services for as long as you are a 
 representative. We'll answer any questions you may have
 through email or fax.


Please mail this application to your personal broker 

                     APPLICATION FORM

Yes!! I want to make $240,000/Year from my own home as a
WSE Classified Ad Broker! Please RUSH me my start up
package immediately so I can start making money!!!!

Enclosed is my __Check __Cash __Money Order for 
U.S. $34.50 (CAN $44.50) plus $5 Postage and Handling as
payment for my processing fee and start up package. I
understand that if I am not satisfied, I can return in
a resalable condition within 10 days and receive a full,
no questions asked, REFUND!

Overseas: Payment must be issued in U.S. funds.





Make Check Or Money Order payable to your personal broker
listed below:

Daniel Beauregard
144 Gauthier
Terrebonne, QC
Canada, J6W 5G3

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