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Free Cola!

                                 FREE COLA!

---------------------------------by GreyRat---------------------------------

  Im not sure if this really worx.. Hype told me but he wanted me to write
  the article for him,... 
  Get two 10cent coins and SUPER-GLUE them togther so one side is showin
  head's and the other is tail's now (if you want get a posca GOLD and
  colour it in) just go up to a cola machine and flick the double 10c
  coin really quick! it will go past and give you a drink..
  How to make money from this..
  Instead of pressing a button for the drink you'ld like.,. pull down the
  thing that give's you your change! you will get $1 in return.. it picks
  randomly so it can always choose the double 10c coin you used in the
  first place! Have phun dewd

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