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How to make concert tickets

				How to see shows for FREE
				Be careful, this is illegal

	Laser printer or inkjet printer
	Combo Draw/Paint software (Superpaint on the Mac)
	Ticket blanks


1. Obtain ticket blanks.  You need to get tickets which have 
no show information printed on them.  They must resemble real 
tickets or have the name of the ticket agency on it (like 
Ticketmaster).  They must either be taken from a ticket 
distributor or counterfeitted with the help of a compliant 
print shop.  If the blanks are coated with thermal ÒinkÓ, 
then you canÕt use a laser printer.

2. Tape a blank lengthwise onto a sheet of paper, making sure 
it is centered and square with the page.  Tape only a 
millimeter or so on each end.  Make around 20 photocopies.  
These are your Òpractice tickets.Ó

3. Use the paint/draw software to make a positioning grid for 
the info on the ticket.  Your goal is to get fake ticket info 
onto the ticket blank; this grid will allow you to position 
the text.  The grid should be drawn, not painted, as the 
painting layer will be used to generate text.  Feed the 
photocopies thru the printer and adjust the grid until it 
lines up perfectly.  Then throw some text onto the grid and 
see what it looks like.  It is essential that you be able to 
get rid of the grid (you donÕt want _that_ printed on the 

4. Save the file! Back it up! This is your template.

5. Now the moment of truth.  Print (on a clean sheet of 
paper) a copy of the positioning grid.  Line up a ticket 
blank and tape it down taking care to tape no more than one 
millimeter or so on the front (leading) edge and the back 
edge.  In the Draw/Paint program, paint up the fake ticket 
info (see below) and hide or delete the positioning grid.  
Print it out.

6. If everything went ok, you now have a ticket.  Congrats.


* Make tickets for shows with General Admission only.  No 
seats!  Besides, who wants to see a show in an arena.

* ItÕs best to have a real ticket for reference, to get event 
codes and the ticketspiel right.  DonÕt worry if the ticket 
blank is a different color, the promoter or venue probably 
wonÕt care.

* DonÕt feed thermal tickets through laser printers.

* If you use an inkjet printer, make sure the ink and ticket 
are compatible.  Slick tickets will cause water based ink to 
blob up.  Use waterproof ink carts on the Deskjet if 

* If you are questioned, say you bought the ticket from a 
scalper.  If they wonÕt let you in, find a scalper to sell 
the ticket to.

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