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Getting free snacks from vending machines

                      How To Get Free Snacks & Drinks
                   From Machines Which Accept Dollar Bills

			  Written By: Dirty Harry

        Ripping of snack, juice, or coke machines which accept dollar
bills is very easy.  The first step is to take a one dollar bill, and
put clear tape on the white edges which run along the top and bottom of
the bill.  Make sure you only cover the edges.  Next, find a machine,
insert your dollar bill, and when the bill is about 3/4 of the way into
the bill slot, pull it out.  Some machines are easier to remove your
bill from than others, and some have a strong pulling mechinism and my
rip your dollar. u find a machine that will work, when you pull your
dollar out, the machine thinks it has it, and you end up with your
dollar bill, and the drink or snack.  Happy snacking!!!

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