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Getting Free Soda and Cash from Vending Machines

              How To Get Free Soda And Cash From Vending Machines 
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                                    Written by:
                                 THE  ANALOG  KID
                                 ---  ------  --- 

        Have you ever wanted to get something for nothing?  Well here's a text
file to teach you how to do just that with vending and change machines...
        The first method of obtaining soda and change is really quite simple...
All that you need is a one or five dollar bill and some clear tape that's
pretty strong... To set up you bill simply take a decent size (anywhere from
9 to 12 inches is fine) piece of tape and attach it to one end of the bill...
Make sure that you attach the piece of tape to the bill well and also that the
tape does not reach more than about 1 inch up on the bill (see crude drawing)..
Then take another piece of tape the same length of the first one and tape it 
to the back of the other tape (Sticky side to sticky side)... Be sure that the
tape is attached to the bill very well so that it doesn't simply slide off...
Regular scotch tape does not work very well so I don't suggest even trying it.
The best tape to use is clear packing tape that can usually be obtained at 
you local hardware store...

                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |       B i l l       |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |                     |
                          |   _______________   |
                          |   |             |   |
                          |---|             |---|
                              |             |
                              |   T a p e   |
                              |             |
                              |             |

       Once you have set up your bill it's time for some fun... Start out by
finding yourself a vending machine that accepts bills... To get your free stuff
put the bill in the machine and wait for the machine to spit that bill back at
you... See how far the bill goes in (it should go in all the way and then some)
and time it so that you can yank the bill out just before the machine spits it
back at you... If you can time it just right the machine will give you credit
for a purchase and you'll still have the bill in you hand... Good deal huh?
       Another way to get money out of vending machines is the use of lukewarm
salt water... It is quite simple to do and usually very effective... To use 
this method simply mix up a batch of salt water (make sure that it's lukewarm)
and put it in a portable bottle of some sort (2 liter soda bottles are great).
       Once you get to the vending machine you will need some sort of funnel
(a rolled up piece of paper works fine)... Insert the funnel in the change 
slot and pour the salt water in relatively slowly... If everything works the
machine will start spitting sodas and change back at you... 
       The reason this method works is due to the fact that salt water conducts
electricity... There is a sort of switch inside the vending machine which tells
the machine when to give out money and sodas... The salt water runs between the
switch's 2 sides and makes them touch each other thereby making the machine
spit out sodas and money...

       If you need to get in touch with me for any reason I can be reached on
any of the following boards...
       Also, realize that I am in no way responsible for anything that you do
with this file... Anything that you try is all on your own and I can't be held
responsible for your wrongdoings...
       If you would like to use this file for posting on any BBS message board
sections please get in touch with me before you do so by contacting me on one 
of the following systems...

                   BlueBeard's BlackBoard       (201) 962-0015
                   Side Show's Palace           (201) 208-9546	
                   The Crack in Time            (201) 573-0476

(C)opyWrong May 14, 1991 by The Analog Kid

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