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How to gag a vending machine into coughing up free goodies

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                                   Foraging for sustenance without the requisite transition metal
                                   Exchange media

                           OR   How to get free food from vending machines

You will need   a:   some type of squirt bottle that generates a narrow stream
                b:   salt (table).
                c:   a buddy to cover your six! (This is a must in many
                     activities like this, the pseudo paranoid among us are
                     the ones who don't get busted)

Mix a concentrated solution of warm salt water up and fill your bottle,
then find a vending machine and liberally hose this mixture into the coin
slot.  I have not personally performed the hosing but i have stumbled onto
a machine in a dorm once that had recently had it done and we emptied it, I
shit you not, apparently the mechanism is shorted out and the machine just
dispenses any item selected again and again.  So now boys and girls lets
get out there and raise that blood pressure and harden those arteries! :)

                               P.S. I believe that this works best/maybe only on the older machines                                    that use a screw system to dispense.

In the future from Captain Cratonic- Beat a smogcheck, how to moderate or
get out of speeding tickets ( or not get them in the first place),
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