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Gambling Secrets


If you like to play the ponies, pull a 
slot machine handle once in a while, 
play a little friendly blackjack or 
whatever, this disk is for you. 

How about bingo? Or the lottery? Even 
these subjects are covered. This disk 
is not a tutorial for learning how to 
play the games. It is a tutorial for 
learning how to WIN at the gambling 
you do. 

You get information on how to improve 
your chances of winning at:

Slot machines
Video poker
Horse racing

It also includes sections on money 
management, casinos and luck. 

There are definite things you can do 
to improve your chances of winning in 
any gambling situation. This disk 
reveals the best. If you are tired of 
losing and want to get aboard that 
winners train once in a while, order 
this disk today!

Some of the subjects covered have been 
previously sold as booklets for as 
much as $19.95 each! You can now get 
the entire package for that same price.

How to find the right casino for your 

Tell tale sign that a slot machine is 
ready to pay off. 

How to win more money in the lottery.

Dramatically improve your chances of 
winning at bingo. It's easy!

Greatly increase your winnings at the 
race track. 

What races should you always avoid at 
the race track?

Where are the best slot machines?

The worst?

What are the "sucker bets" in craps?

What is the one thing you should never 
do in blackjack?

The dealer is showing a face card, you 
have 16. What should you do?

How to tell when a blackjack table is 

How to get valuable information from 
casino personnel.

What is the best video poker machine 
to play? 

How to actually beat the house edge 
playing video poker, what you have to 
look for. 

Now you can actually win when you 
gamble. No fluff, nothing too 
complicated, just hard scientific 
fact. Facts that can make the 
difference between coming home a 
winner or a loser. 

Before you play the lottery again, 
pick up a bingo card, go to the track, 
Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City. 
Before you take that cruise, go to the 
Carribbean or Europe, before you play 
another hand of blackjack or pull 
another slot machine handle or watch 
those digital cards come up on a video 
poker machine, you need this disk!

Easy to understand and learn. Simple 
to view and use. All orders are 
shipped free anywhere in the U.S. and 

Overseas orders must be in U.S. funds 
drawn on a U.S. bank. Add $10.00 for 
shipment to foreign countries. 

ONLY $19.95 for one disk! For two or
more disks, just add $10.00 each! 2
disks for only $29.95, 3 disks for
only $39.95 etc.

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