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Gas 'N' Run - how to avoid those jacked up gas prices

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         |                 GAS 'N' RUN                 |
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         |   How to avoid those jacked-up gas prices   |
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         |            Written by the BASSHEAD          |
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     Ever wonder why gasoline prices are so high?? No, it's not the
arabs, it's the huge oil companies like Imperial Oil and Shell.
They make billions of dollars off the poor ignorant masses. Well,
what to do about it? Simple, seize the gas...

     Most of you are probably familiar with siphoning gas out of
other tanks, but that is a messy procedure and anyone can see you,
because it takes so long...so after some experience with the
following methods, i decided to let everyone know.

*Note* Most of these methods will not work on pre-pay stations

Gas 'N' Run

     Similar to a Dine 'N' Dash, this involves grabbing the goods
and hauling ass. If you are gonna do this, make sure the tank is as
empty as can be. The last liter of reserve is good, since you don't
want to get busted for just topping off the tank. It also helps if
you have a massive 76L(17 gallons) tank like the one in my Jeep.
Oh, and this method involves the greatest risk. I have never been
caught, but i have heard of others and even saw an episode of COPS
where they busted a guy for it.

     First off, you must hide the license plates. If you want just
take them off, or cover it up, but this will only arouse suspicion.
What i do is steal plates off other cars right before i'm about to
do it. Just go to a quiet residential street with your buddy, and
one takes off the front, the other the back. There are usually one
of two types of screws -- a flathead or a bolt-type head. The first
one can be taken off with a screwdriver, but the second one
requires pliers, especially if it's rusted.

     Now for the fun part. I don't recommend doing it around where
you live, since you use these stations the most. The best place to
do it is a station close to the highway. The less lights between
you and the exit, the better. Once i got a station that was 20 feet
from the highway exit, it was beautiful.

    This is best done by at least two people. The driver pulls into
the station, right next to the island that is farthest from the
cash bar's point-of-view. The passenger then opens the gas cap...If
you have a lock on your cap, make sure the passenger gives you the
keys back right away, so you can be ready with the ignition. The
passenger then gets the pump(always get ultra or gold, who gives a
shit you're not paying for it..) and starts filling it up. When he
is done, NEVER turn the switch back to off. This gives off a signal 
to the cashier who will start to watch your car. Just put the cap
in and leave the pump on the ground or something. Get into the car,
and now just drive off normally. Do not squeal out in a hurry, it
only fucks you up more. 

     I don't recommend doing this at a full serve station or doing
it alone. If you have to do it alone, when you're finished pumping,
put the pump back properly, and start to walk to pay. Making sure
the cashier is looking, pretend you left your wallet in the car. Of
course the keys are in the ignition, and you just fucking jet...

Social Engineering

     This is best done with a whole bunch of friends. Don't worry
about the plates or anything, just pull into a full-serve station.
Everybody get out, to stretch their legs, and let the bullshit
begin. Tell the guy who comes out that your oil light came on and
you want to know if he can check to see if you need oil. He opens
the hood, and then one of your buddies suggest loudly that 'you
might as well get gas'. Well, walk over to the ultra, and pump
away. When he is about done with the oil, quickly put the pump
back, and yell out "How do you work this fucking thing!?!?" He
comes over and then tell him $5.00 regular. Give him the cash and
when he's done, just peel out. By the time he gets to the register
and finds out what you've done you're long gone with the extra

     Well that about wraps up this file. Another way i have seen
done, but wouldn't recommend, is that old two-bills trick. Put
about ten bucks in and then quickly lift the on/off lever up and
down and put two bucks in. Then just go in and pay the two bucks.
This only works if the station is extremely busy. 

     One word about credit cards. If you happen to get your hands
on actual plastic, i know it is tempting to fill your tank with it,
but don't. They always write down your plate number, because they
don't check the card for authorization. However if you change your
plates, card away...Even use your parents old void credit cards,
they won't get the bill...

 W R I T T E N   B Y   T H E   B A S S H E A D 

(C) 1991 - Spread freely but don't alter the contents..append if
you have more to say, or leave me mail on The Works 

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