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How to get Credit Card Numbers the Easy Way!

How to Get Credit Card Numbers the Easy Way!

Hello. I would just like everyone to know that I, LuvoxPhreak, created
this file and you may publish it anywhere you want, but you gotta keep
my name on it. Ok? Ok. Well, on to the good stuff. Laptops. We all
want them, right? Who wouldn't want a nice P2 366Mhz laptop? But until
now you couldn't card one without getting caught. Why? Because the
good laptops cost about $7000 and barely ANYONE has that much credit
on their cards. And even if you do get someone with that much credit,
the Credit Card Company will call the owner and tell them something is
going on, and that almost ALWAYS happens. If you try to card a laptop
like that, I promise you, when you go to pick it up, you will have a
nice greeting from some pigs. My method goes around all that. I
exploit a very easy tactic which was un-thought-of until now. But I'll
get to that later. 

First, We need a card, right? I have a method for all the lazy people
out there like me. I like to think of my method as "The Robin Hood
Method." Basically: Steal from the rich, give to the poor. Am I poor?
Hell no... That's why I don't card things for myself. I card things
for everyone else. Anyways, back on the subject, AOL hosts half of the
internet population and many (but not all) people on AOL are idiots.
Spam the dumbasses. First, go to the AOL member directory. Search
WITHIN your hometown for people with high-paying jobs (e.g. CEO,
President, etc). Copy all the names down and add it to a list. Now we
prepare a perfect spam letter. 

I usually open a pagoo box (www.pagoo.com) with a pin number like 
"AOLBILLING." If you are knowledgeable in HTML, use it. Make the fonts
and colors different on the letter so it looks professional. Not skilled
in HTML? It's ok. I've solved that problem. Here is how: Open AOL 4.0. Click
on "Write an E-mail." Write an e-mail in all the different colors and fonts
you want that makes the letter look professional. Then save it as a text
file and close it. Open the text file under Notepad and you should see
all the HTML stuff. Use that. On AOL, All the stuff shows up in color 
and you can't see all that junk. Now, What I do to send the spam letter
is use the anonymizer (www.anonymizer.com) and open a hotmail account.
Then anonymize yourself and send the letter to the people on your list 
through hotmail. You probably are thinking that people aren't dumb enough to
fall for a hotmail address, but TRUST me, they are. I get over 30
CC#'s a night from that alone. If they just send you back their phone
number, call them and pretend to be from AOL. It always works on the
idiots. Anyways, if done right, you should have a bunch of cards
uncluding Platinum cards.

There are other ways to get Credit Card Number: Dumpster Diving and
Steal Mailing, to name a couple. But I am too lazy to Dumpster Dive
and most mails don't have the credit card expiration date on them. 

There is the one good way to get the laptop: Lease, Lease to buy, or A
paying plan. They all mean the same thing. Basically, The card owner
will get a $40-100 charge on his credit card for about 48 months. This
won't tip off the Credit Card company and the pigs won't get involved.
Hell... The owner of the card might not even notice charges than small
on his card. 

Now here is what you do:
When you are entering the site, sometimes the computer company asks
you "What kind of user are you?" ALWAYS put "Small Business." This
works the best at www.dell.com. If the computer company thinks your a
business, they won't ask for a social security number. 
Go pick out the very BEST laptop and then click "Customize it." At the
computer sites, they give you the choice to add stuff to your order
like a portable printer, digital camera, etc. Well... give your laptop
the best: DVD 4x drive, 386 MB of RAM, 8 GB hard Drive, etc. Then add
on stuff like Digital camera, scanner, etc. By customizing it, they
have to build you a WHOLE new laptop and you also will get the VERY

There are different sites and different ways to handle check-out.  If
check-out gives you the option of "Who will take responsiblity for
this laptop?" and it gives you the choice of saying "I will" or
"Company name will:" ALWAYS do Company name. If you want to be evil,
put "Pacific Bell" as the company name. This way they don't ask for 
social security numbers. If you do have the card owner's social security 
number, then go for the mother of all laptops: GATEWAY (www.gateway.com). 
Gateway asks too many questions for my comfort, but they have the VERY best 
laptops around. I guess you could always put a fake SS# in and have the laptop
overnighted, but they might find out and you could go to pick up your
laptop and meet some pigs when you get there. So I wouldn't risk it. 
Always have the laptop sent to the owner's house and overnight it. It
will get there while he is at work, so pick it up from his doorstep. 

And if the Computer Company asks for a phone number, have the laptop 
overnighted and sit by a payphone with a ringer during the whole day 
and answer it when they call. Sometimes the owner will get some papers to
sign about the lease the next month and discover what's going on, so never 
register the laptop thinking that it might not be noticed as "stolen." But 
that's common sense, right?

If anyone has any questions, e-mail me at LuvoxPheak@yahoo.com

Useful links:
www.dell.com (low-security, easy to get a laptop)
www.handtech.com (low-security, but might need SS#)
www.gateway.com (high security, but oh-so-worth-it)

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