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Generating Big Profits on the Internet


Dear Friend
        You have doubtless heard a lot about the Internet.  The Internet is
a giant worldwide network of networks with over 50,000,000 users on it.
Internet functions in a similar manner to Fidonet.  That is, it is
comprised of thousands and thousands of "hosts" and many nodes which are
attached to the hosts.

        The Internet is a result of the Advanced Research Projects Agency,
which was called ARPANET.

        ARPANET funded research on large computer networks for a number of
private corporations and in a number of University Computer Science

        This resulted in a small private network in the late 1960's, and
grew into a huge "network of networks" that today includes almost all
universities, research centers, Fortune 500 companies and medium-sized
corporations.  These are the individual hosts for Internet.  Each host
connects tens of thousands of individual users.

        Many of the BBS concepts you have learned about also apply to the
Internet system.  Using Internet you can send and receive mail, download
and upload files, "chat" with individuals and participate in public forums,
and read conferences on thousands of different topics.

        However, the thing that makes the Internet different from BBS
networks is its size and speed.  Internet is huge, and much faster than
networked BBS's.

        Just a few years ago it was considered unthinkable to do  business
on the Internet.  Now however, the Internet is growing at a rate of over
1,000,000 users per month, and marketing via the Internet has become widely

        There are companies selling software, hardware, communications
links, video images, databases, books, manuals and even video clips on the
Internet.  Additionally, every month brings a slew of new companies onto
the Internet with different products to sell.

        Recent months have seen publishers, both large and small placing
large catalogs on the Internet.  This enables people to search and order
on-line, saving time and money (i.e., no "printing" costs on postage costs
when buying/selling is done on-line).

        Internet uses a mail system similar to Fidonet's Echomail.  It is
referred to as Usenet.

        Usenet is a giant set of more than 10,000 discussion groups - which
are called newsgroups - devoted to hundreds of thousands of topics.  Usenet
discussion groups are devoted to subjects ranging from bowling alleys to

        Usenet also allows users to exchange netmail with one another - and
this mail exchange is worldwide!

        You can access Internet's Usenet via a Fidonet BBS.  As long as the
Fidonet BBS contains special software, referred to as a Gateway, the link
can be established.  The Gateway is also referred to as UF Gate.

        Once you "pass on" to Internet via a Fidonet BBS, you can send mail
to Internet users.

        However, you must know the Internet address of the person that you
want to send your message to.

        A typical Internet address may be:  Tom_Acres@F9.n251.z1.Fidonet.Org

	This address contains a node, network, and zone number.

        As an example of sending a message from Internet to Steve Doe on a
Fidonet BBS with an address of Zone 1, network 222, Fidonet node 6, the
address on the Internet message would be:  Steve Doe@F6.n222.z1.Fidonet.Org.

        This may seem a little complex, but in time you'll get used to
sending messages between Internet addresses and Fidonet.

        Individual addresses on the Internet are very basic.  For example,
Steve Doe would have the Internet address of:  Steve Doe @UCLA.EDU

        In this example, Steve Doe is the name of the individual, and the
"@" sign follows his name.  You can always recognize an Internet address by
the "@" sign following the individual's name.

        Following the "@" sign is "UCLA.EDU".  The UCLA part of the address
denotes the University (University of California, Los Angeles) and the .EDU
at the end denotes that the "domain" is Educational.

	Other extensions possible are:

		.GOV (Government)
		.ORG (Organization)
		.COM (Commercial)

        After awhile you'll find that accessing the resources of the vast
network of BBS's is almost second nature to you.  As you gain more
experience in tapping into the vast BBS/Internet world, you'll start
finding ways to make your advertising on BBS's extremely profitable.

        Just remember that in order to realize the big profits using
electronic marketing you must "pyramid" your profits, that is, you must
keep finding new BBS's to place your messages, whether it be a classified
ad, a sales letter disguised as a "report," or a report that has the main
section (i.e., the latter 80% of the report) scrambled and needs a password
for full access.

** Copyright OPB 1995 All Rights Reserved. It is unlawful to reproduce any
part of this excerpt without permission from Joe Roth or OPB.

** This has been an excerpt form Joe Roths "How You Can Earn Tens Of
Thousands of Dollars Monthly Using Computer Bulletin Boards and the
Information Super Highway." If you would like more information on how to
receive a copy, e-mail or call Joe Roth at : 76731,2270 for Compuserv or
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