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Legions of Lucifer: Radio Shack ICST scam

                       The Radio Shack ICST Scam

Editor's Note:  This file, like others from the L.o.L-PHUCK Tfiles
         Group is intended for INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY.  The information
         contained herein is for your reading pleasure only.  The author
         and the Legions of Lucifer Tfiles group do **NOT** assume
         responsibility for possible legal harrassment endured due to
         applying this information.  This file serves just merely as
         interesting reading material and is not intended to be used.  Persons
         with criminal mentality and con artists should stop reading at this

What is ICST?

        ICST stands for Intra-Company Stock Transfer.  This is the method of
     merchandise delivery between different stores in the chain.  An example
     of how this works is suppose you go to store A wanting to buy a VGM-300
     VGA Monitor and it is not in stock.  They will then try to call local
     stores to locate your merchandise, which can be anything from a capacitor
     all the way to a stereo system or a Tandy 5000 Personal Computer.  So you
     can see the potential here, eh kiddies :)!  Upon calling, the employee
     at store A discovers that store B does have the merchandise and will
     be able to pick it up for sale to the customer.

Preliminary work.

        In order to make things happen, you will need to obtain the store's
     confidential phone directory listing.  The most efficient way is to make
     friends with a dishonest and disgruntled Radio Shack employee and get him
     free 'gifts' in exchange for the information.  Another method is to have
     an extra friend go in the store and have a couple guys keep the employees
     busy, then have one guy lift the phone directory, which will be in the
     form of a computer printout on either the counter next to the cash
     register, or near the store FAX machine.

        You will know you have struck paydirt when you retrieve a document
     barring resemblance to the following:

    Store Number   Phone Number    Location            Manager       
    01-XXXX        555-1212        17 Nowhere St.      Tom Bullshit  
    01Z-XXXX       555-1213        37000 Fake Ave.     Ima Loser     
    11-XXXX        555-3452        666 Ficticious Blvd John Doe      

        Here is a breakdown of the store codes as it pertains to the

          01 stores:  The 'normal' run of the mill Radio Shacks.  They are
          allowed to sell stereo, tv, vcr, electronics, etc.  They also
          do carry the low end computer models.  The 01's CAN'T sell **ANY**
          386 based models, i.e. 4000 and 5000 families, VGA monitors,
          FAX machines, laser printers, etc.

          01Z stores: Basically they are a support store out in the middle
          of BFE [that is Butt Fucking Egypt, for those of you unfamiliar with
          the term], these "special" stores are allowed to carry the same
          merchandise as the 11 stores, but in far less volume.  They are
          good to use as destinations when scamming.

          11 stores:  This is the good 'ol Radio Shack Computer Center.  These
          stores are allowed to sell ALL Radio Shack computer lines from
          1000-5000, FAX machines, printers in 9,24 pin, color, laser, laptops,
          and all monitors from mono-VGA.

        This information is VERY crucial to making the sting work, because
     this could lead to obvious fuckups and a demise of your civilian life if
     you did something VERY lame, such as say that you are coming from an 01
     store and need a Tandy 4025.  This would sound VERY bad because you are
     selling merchandise you are NOT allowed to stock!

Setting up the sting.

        The initial planning stages are important.  In these stages, you will
     merely pick up your Radio Shack catalogue and select your merchandise.
     It is also useful to save the flyers in the Sunday sections of major
     city newspapers as when merchandise is on a big sale, it is easier to
     obtain and they will think a lot less than if it was at full market price.
     Also, make up a fake alias.  The White Pages provide a good source for
     real sounding names.  You may also wish to consult popular writers, such
     as Piers Anthony and steal a character name [we once used Randy Flagg].
     However we used a 'calling card' always.  We always used names like Robert
     Smith, Roger Schwartz, Randy Switzer, etc.  Get it?  They ALL have the
     initial R.S = Radio Shack.  Cute, eh?

Making the Telephone Call.

       Ok, so now you have the necessary information in names, numbers, and
     parts.  It is ALL social engineering from this point out.  If you are
     young, do NOT attempt this, because I have NEVER seen a Rad Shacker
     younger than 16 in a store, and NEVER younger than 18 in a Computer
     Center.  This portion of the scam is what I call the 'make it or break
     it' section.  Here are a few details to keep in your mind:

           +  Respect the man/woman on the telephone.  Remember:  The
              person IS a coworker!

           +  The customer is ANXIOUS and has CASH!

           +  You have just started working about 2 weeks ago for the company,
              and this is your first major chance at a GOOD commision.

           +  The customer will KILL if he doesn't have this item TODAY!

           + [if the chips get down]  This is a REPEAT customer!

       Here is a sample dialogue for the telephone call:

       RS:  "Good morning.  Radio Shack. Dave speaking."

       YOU: "Hello Dave, this is <Fake first name> from the store at
             <location>.  How are you doing?" [Note: ALWAYS greet warmly!
             then stab 'em in the back in a minute!]

       RS:  "Pretty well, <Fake first name>, can I help you with something?

       YOU: "Yes, I have a repeat customer here who is interested in
             purchasing the <product>, but we are out of stock currently, and
             I have been calling all over the district this morning trying to
             hunt this down.  Do you have any in stock?"

       RS:  "Hold on, let me check"

       3 minutes and 2 cups of coffee later...

       RS:  "Hello <Fake first name>?"

       YOU: "Yes."

       RS:  "No.  All we have is a floor demo in stock."

       YOU: "But I have a REPEAT customer who has cash and needs the item
             today. I have called the Computer Center at Noweheresville
             and Fake City and they are out of stock.  Is there any way
             you could let your floor demo go?"

       RS:   "Well, ok, in that case I can make you a deal.  About what time
             can I expect you in?"

       YOU:  "In about 45 minutes-1 hour from now.  I am expecting a client in
             a few, so I am going to stay around here for a little bit."

       RS:   "Ok, see you when you get here, <Fake first name>, bye."

       YOU:  "Bye." <Hang>

     Notes:  NEVER take stores TOO close together.  These guys DO get around.
     If you take a store 2 miles down the road, they are like sisters and will
     KNOW if a new employee just started etc.  The best way is to take a store
     about 10-15 miles away, but still within the locale.

     Also, there ARE district managers and runners.  Be alert for these types.
     Here, the DM is a woman, usually males, however, they are the supervisors
     for the whole area, and if you come waltzing in and they happen to be
     around for some bullshit and see you, and don't know you [they KNOW and
     MEET all hirees!], the shit may hit the fan quickly.

     Keep your eyes peeled for all workers in the store, and make mental notes
     when they are on the phone, etc.  Always make sure you are in control
     of the situation and pay attention to phone conversations.  Also, walk
     around like it is HOME.  Don't be lame and be getting hard off of some
     demo program etc, because after all, the SAME damn demo is running back
     on the 4015 at your store.

     Also, another thing to note is that you should choose malls if possible
     because if something goes wrong it is a LOT easier to get lost amongst
     the people, go in other stores, hide, and get to a getaway car.


     As with any corporation, Tandy Corp, expects their employees to groom
     themselves in a similar and presentable manner.  Here is what they like
     and dislike:

     They are not crazy about facial hair.  If men have neatly kept mustaches,
     it is ok.  ABSOLUTELY no beards, goatees etc.

     Hair must be nicely trimmed, clean looking, no long hair.

     No loud colors.  The method of dress is standardized.  What they like to
     see are white shirts with long sleeves [no sleeve rolling, even in the
     summer, remember you are going from an air conditioned store in an air
     conditioned car to another air conditioned store...].  Nice stylish
     conservative ties, especially solids.  Dark trousers, especially black
     or navy blue.  Dark socks, black, brown, dark blue.  And dark dress shoes,
     neatly polished.  Light grey shoes are acceptable too, NO loafer or
     docksiders though.

Making the visit.

     Ok, now you drive to the location where the sting is about to take place.
     I best advise having 1-2 other team members along for backup purposes.
     A standard method we used was to have one member go in as a 'customer'
     and keep em busy by asking serious questions about high ticket items.]
     Plus the other person can act as your 'security guard', watching for
     trouble.  It is a good idea for the other man to be wearing something
     that can be altered unnoticingly to signal you that something is going
     wrong and to GET THE HELL OUT.  A good idea is a ballcap, which can be
     taken off as the distress signal, put on backwards like a catcher, etc.
     Another good idea is one of the waist pouches many people carry.  Front
     side, everything is ok, shifted to the back, they are wise, drop the

     Once in the store, act calmly, warmly introduce yourself, and stand around
     Strange things do happen, like once a woman came into the store I was at
     and I had to help her with an item real fast, so I mean it is wise to
     have good social engineering skills and basically, be a good bullshitter,
     and if this happens, just say you work at another store, however Joe would
     be pleased to help you.  This saves your ass, plus puts more pressure on
     him and he will want to get you out of there faster.

     The next thing I used to do was start talking typical employee crap.
     E.g. How long have you worked for the company?, Busy day? etc.

Plan A - Getting the goods.

     Assuming all goes well, the guy will do one of three things.  If you
     catch him alone and the store is busy, with customers and your plants,
     he will probably just say that he will take care of the paperwork later
     and say your goodbyes.

     The second option which is usual circumstances, is he will take you
     in the back room, call up the ICST through the intra-store network,
     and record the transaction electronically, then he will write out an ICST
     form [paper] and give you one copy.  It has been a while, but I believe
     it is about 4-5 forms: sending store, receiving store, district manager,
     and company.  Then he will write all the pertinent information [product
     name, stock number etc] and then you sign at the X at the bottom of the
     form, pick up the merchandise and away you go, off in the sunset...

     The third option is the dreaded verification.  If you think he is acting
     'smart' and may want to know more about you, ask to use the phone because
     something about the product doesn't look right and you want to consult
     your manager.  In reality, call your friend sitting at the payphone and
     then he is on, and say to the feeb at the store, "Yeah, Mr. Smith wants
     to talk to you for a minute.",  and it will clear up the bullshit.

Plan B - Escape.

     At times things go wrong.  Remember : It is NOT a crime unless you leave
     the store with merchandise, therefore bail out if you have to.  Once I was
     in a predicament where he was about to call my manager to verify me.  I
     reacted brilliantly by standing around a minute while he was ringing up
     an order, and saying to call my manager, and that I am just going to pull
     my car up to the door.  In reality, I scurried to my friend's car, laid
     down, and he got the fuck out of there.

     Another incidence is if you don't know stuff you should.  The older
     employees [even 50 miles away as we found out!] are friends and know
     what manager is where and all the company gossip.  A friend of mine was
     in dressed bad [stripped shirt, wrong shoes..] and they were onto him
     from the word 'go'.  The guy started interrogating him about the manager
     whom as we later learned, had transferred to a store 3 weeks before!
     So, saying that he just talked to him, when he had been at a new
     store for 3 weeks looked VERY bad.  He said it was a long trip [60
     miles approx...] and he was going next door to the restaurant for a
     quick bite to eat.  He got out and a guy tailed him out of the store.
     He had to run across a major street, run down the block, jump over a
     9 foot high concrete wall [in dress clothes mind you!], try haggling with
     two black construction workers to sell him a pair of overalls, then run
     behind the next strip mall.  Meanwhile, my accomplice and I faked a
     phone call, and we went behind the mall and split up.  I went and gave
     the in store man my jacket to conceal him and we went into a waterbed
     store, meanwhile other friend sneaked around the parking lot and
     retrieved my buddy's truck and got to the waterbed factory, and we got
     the hell out..  And if that wasn't bad enough, a biker cop drove up to
     the store while my friend was retrieving the vehicle.  Wonder why? Hah!

     Also, always have some fast cash handy, because you never know if you
     may need to hail down a taxi etc real fast to throw them off the track.


     My suggestions are to pull about 2-3 good jobs in one day, then lay
     low for at least 3 months.  Word will not usually get around about the
     scam until the ICST processing is done about a month later.  However,
     if you botched it, looked bad, had a close call -  you can BET next
     time those two stores do business, they will say what a klutz that
     Bob Smith is.  Then the manager from store A will say "Who the hell
     is Bob Smith?". Then the jig is up, and the scam is out in the air and
     they will want you.

     Also, don't plan on hitting any stores where you may have to do
     legitimate purchases within the next 6 months, because they WILL
     remember you and some shit will hit the fan mighty fast.

     Another good idea is to BURN all the boxes and paper work, plus remove
     serial numbers from the merchandise just in case you might ever get
     interrogated for something else, they don't have another charge
     against you.

     After all is said and done, put on your sysop shades, light up a
     cigarette, kick up the radio and have fun with your new equipment...

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