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Mail/Telephone Fraud

  |      "Mail/Telephone Fraud"  Volume I       |
  |           Written by The Outland            |

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Many of you out there have been reading my files over the past year or more,
this is the first file which I address directly as fraud.  To my knowledge
this file is the biggest of it's kind for fraud ever written by anyone.
I will release as many volumes of the series as possible before I move onto
better things, with that in mind I will share most of my practices to rip
off business entities from the very money that supports them.  All the
practices within the files work, I have tested all of them over a long period.
The file itself took nearly a year to complete, assuring you that this file
is not bogus in any form.

Fraud is basically simple to pull off.  Sometimes it's easier than carding
(which anyone can pull -- but to master is different), but the penalty for
most types of fraud can really get you.

In Mail/Telephone Fraud Volume I, I will go over the basics on how to rip off
any business.  In my next volume, I will go over more advanced techniques
of riping from the rich and giving to the once poor (ie, yourself).

Note:   This file is extremely extensive in what I cover, the complete file is
20k or 72 sectors, if you don't have room abort now and get it at a later date.


Using these methods, you can almost survive on your own, without a job,
however I don't highly recommend it.

Take two restaurants, send your friend in 10 minutes before you.  He orders
a lunch, eats it, then you walk in, and order a cup of coffe.  Now, once he
gets his bill, and you get yours, switch the bills.  Now, he has your bill,
and you have his.  So he ends up paying for the coffe, about .50 cents.  Now
you complain that you never ordered a whole lunch, just a cup of coffe!  So
you both just pay a total of $1.00.

So with you having one cup of coffe, and he has a whole lunch, move onto the
next restaurant.  Do the same thing, except reverse roles, you get the lunch,
and he gets the coffe.

Free Tickets

Say you want to get a free air line ticket to Bermuda, call up the air line
agency, and ask them to send the tickets, and bill to this address, give them
your address, and don't bother to pay it.  Or if you are moving, you can avoid
ever getting billed.  This is a tricky way, but if they call one day, or
come over to your house, and start asking why you haven't payed it, or
request you pay it now, well then you would do something along the lines of:

I never ordered those tickets!  My mother just died, why would I go on
vacation in such a morrowful state?  Do me a real big favor, please, just
go, leave me alone. I don't want to have to deal with some, some computers
error in an urban society!  Please, just, just go! Leave!

That will get rid of any agency sales man.  Lay it on them, give them a 
whole story that makes them feel low.

Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is a lot easier, and a lot safer!

If you want to mail a letter, or package.  Just reverse the address, and it
will automatically be sent to the person who sent it!  Drop it in the out
of town box in the Post Office, or go up to the old bitty..ahem, Post Master
and say:

Excuse me, mam, I found this on the drive way, near the entrance for the
mail truck, it must have slipped out or something.  So I thought you might
like to have it, to send it on it's way!  Bye bye now, have a nice day!

Just act like a fag, and they will be so nice to you!

Or you could simply say "Bill addresse" on the package, the destination will
get billed for it.

Obtain a PO box from the post master, if you can get a fake passport
to break the scent a little more I would advise it.  Once you have established
a PO box, make up letters from the 'Famine Relief' or 'Save Africa'
foundation, and put one in each mail box in the whole town -- rich communities
are the best.  Create this letter so the reader really thinks you are the
leading foundation in World Famine Relief, give facts, figures, etc.
Also, create other foundations on your own, like Cancer, AIDS, DWI,
Suicide, etc.  In these letters give them your PO box number, and tell
them to send a donation of $6.00, and usually the response is tremendous!
Operate three or four of these in seperate communities and you're rich.

Afterwards, remove the PO box at once, and destroy the passport that you
used to get the PO box.  Thusly, destroying any trace of your identification
and residential address for the FBI.

Easy Money!

Want to earn maybe a few bucks?  Walk down a busy street, and pick up a candy
wrapper.  If it says:

"We will return your money if your not satisfied!"

then you could possibly earn a few bucks.  Just send it back to them, include
a little letter, saying:

"This SUCKED!  I've tasted better shit on the side of a toilet!"

and wait a couple weeks, you should get a check for a few dollars from
the company.  Now, this works best with M&Ms, because M&M Mars, the company
who makes M&Ms knows a good fact.  No one hates M&Ms, I've have never come
across a person who actually hates M&Ms.  It's basically the perfect candy,
and M&M Mars knows it, so they say "We'll return you money!".

Now what M&M Mars does not say is "Return your money, and then some!",
meaning a income for you!  So, what you do is send that letter, saying
"This sucked!  I'll never buy your damn products again!".  Include some
other words, make it into two paragraphs, why you didn't like it, and so on.
M&M Mars is a really good one to hit, try it out some day, after all what can
M&M Mars Corp do about it?  The amount of money may not be substancial,
they might even give you a crate of M&Ms, in which case you sell them at
a parade for $1.50 a bag.

Buisness Relations Tricks

This method has earned me a lot of good stuff, virtually any non-OEM company
will do business with you, Hayes, Xebec, Sony, Alpine, Hitachi, RCA, Hayes.
Look through a nice magazine, see something you like.  Once you find it, look
for a business phone number.  If there is one on the ad, then call it up, and
follow these steps:

B = You  C = Company

B: Hello, this is Joe Smith from Kplastic Magazine, may I speak to your
   Public Relations manager?
C: Sure Mr.Smith, you can reach him at 700-456-1000, ext 69, his name is
   Frank Getz.
B: Thank your sir, and have a nice day.
C: Thanks for calling First Class Peripherals!

    (call Frank Getz)

C: Good afternoon, First Class Peripherals, may I help you?
B: Hello is this Frank Getz, this is Joe Smith from Kplastic magazine?
C: Yes this is Frank Getz, what can I do for you today?
B: Hello, my name is Joe Smith, and I work for Kplastics magazine, and we are
   doing a story on Hard Disk Subsystems for the Apple II series, in our
   December Issue.  And we would like to include YOUR product in our survey.
   We were wondering if you could send us a interview system for a short
   period of 30 days for our story?
C: I'll have to check with some other associates, we'll need to ask a few
   questions first.  (ie: he asks how many subscribers you have)

B: Oh, my gosh, I believe we have a circulation of 190,000 people.
C: Ok, and who publishes your magazine?
B: We have a local printing office that does all our printing needs.

    <talk a little more, nothing really important>

C: Ok, where can I send the interview system to?
B: <Prearanged address>
C: Thank you, and we'll get one right out to you, thanks for calling Mr.Smith.
B: Ok Jack, and I'll be in contact with you again next week, have a nice
C: Oh you too!

You must be ready, when you do this, they might be cautious!  Some times
you have to do a lot more.  What you may need to do is to get a "No Charge 
Purchase Order".  Include your fake business name, and your fake alias on it, 
and mark it up for:

Product                                      Unit Cost    Sale Cost
1 Sider 10 Megabyte Hard Disk                  $695.00        $0.00

Now once you have done this send it out to them, include a business letter.
Don't act like a complete hammer head when you do it.  Numbers look good.

So when doing this procedure, always have this list ready:

    o  A fake alias (ie, Joe Fitztein).  Be creative -- not overly.

    o  Have a fake business name.

    o  Have a 'No Charge Purchase Order' form ready!  Include your 
       fake business name if possible.  If you can get a business
       logo onto the forms, do so..

    o  Have a circulation number ready -- ideal: 110,000

    o  Have a publisher name ready!  Use a fake name.

    o  Have your address ready for them to send it to. A PO box as
       described in the begining would do great -- but any address
       will do that you use for a 'dropoff' sit in carding and

Have it all ready before hand!  Not after, impress him.  Be a pompous jerk.

If all works fine, and you have done a little planning, you will do fine.
Let me explain some terms we used, and give you some places to look.

No-Charge Purchase Order Forms

You can buy the forms for your scam at a company called "Nebs Computer Forms".
The price for 250 sheets is $57.00, order number 9055-3.  9 1/2 x 11 form
size.  Call 800-225-9550, when calling have your buisness name, your fake
name, and possibly phone number + address.  And also if possible, tell them
you have a business logo you want to incorporate into it, they will direct
you from there, usually a stamp can be made at a local printing store for
a few bucks.

You can also go to your local supply store for office needs.  Get the No
Charge Purchase orders there, maybe they can make them up at their store.

First Class Peripherals

I personally have hit First Class Peripherals,  and did not work the first
time, because I was broke and didn't want to bother with the No-Charge
Purchase Orders, and I blew it off taking too much time.

As most of the Apple II owners know, First Class Peripherals makes a hard
disk subsystem, 10/20 megabytes.  This is a low cost hard drive, so a lot
of people want them.  The public relations manager at First Class is
Phill Barns.  When calling, ask for Phill Barns, and they will route you to
his number at "Xebec Corporation" in Carson City Nevada, extension 476.  I
will not give out the number, you must call FCP's 800 to get it.

Obtaining Two for One!

Say you have this deal, you broke your Apple Cat, because you used it as a
coaster for a beer.  So you destroyed a chip, and must send it back to Novation
for a new modem, or to be fixed.

It finally arrives, and you don't have to sign for it!  When ever you get
a package, and don't have to sign for it, there is a deal to be made!

Call Novation in four days, and follow these steps once again:

B = You   C = Novation

C: Good afternoon, Novation may I help you?
B: Yes, I sent you my Apple Cat 202 the other week, and I called one week
   later, and you had sent it out, or so you said.  It's now been two weeks
   since then, and my modem has not arrived!
C: Can I have your name please?
B: My name is Joe Smith.
C: Let me check your account...
C: We sent it out April 10th.
B: Well it's now June 3rd, and my modem has not gotten here!  Where in gods
   name is it mam?  I am losing money every day, because of somones
   incompetance to send me my modem!  I need it by next week, or I will have
   to speak to your manager!
C: Sorry sir, you will have to wait just one more week, the mail service some
   times does this.
B: Mam, your telling me I have to lose money every hour, for two weeks now,
   and now your going to make it three weeks!  Sorry mam, I will not sit here,
   and be bullied by some company who gets their kicks off of holding back on
   orders!  I'm losing money damnit!  And I need my damn modem back to get
   connection with the Wall Street computers, to make investment decisions!
<haggle a little more>
C: Oh sorry sir, we'll send it right out!
B: I appreciate that very much mam, can you hurry it up, I've lost large
   amounts of money because of this already!  PLEASE hurry!

This method, the "Sorry Sap" method works great.  Give a little guilt, and 
a high commanding voice, and you will melt the lady.

Keep in mind, you don't even have to have sent in a broken modem! Just tell
them, "I Never got the thing!".  They will of course, check their computers,
and say, "Sorry we have no record of your account."

They will do it!  Count on it!  So what you do is tell them:

C: Sorry sir, we do not have your account.
B: That's funny, I got a bank statement that says my check was cashed for
   $xxx.xx, under the name of "Novation Computer Ware".  How do you account
   for that mam?
C: I will check again......  Sorry.
B: Your telling me, I lost $xxx.xx, because of somones ingnorance? And your 
   relying on some electronic gizmo to conduct business?  I tell you I want 
   my check back!  Give me my money, or my modem, or let me talk to your
C: Sorry sir, we just can't do that!
B: Listen mam, I sent you a check from my firm.  The modem is used for getting
   up to the minute stock quotes from some electronic computer or something up
   in New York!  Now this modem as it's called, that has not arrived, it was
   supposed to be here three weeks ago!  As of now, we have lost a few thousand
   dollars, because of somones typo on your computers.  I find it rather
   silly that one should conduct business on computers, I earned my money
   the old way, I worked hard for it, not relying on computers.  So are you
   going to send us the modem we payed for, and you have the money for, or will
   I have to talk to your president?
C: We'll ship one right out.

Of course, they don't get persuaded so easily, so you really have to convince
them your not pulling their leg!  Shoot in amounts of money lost, and
so on.  Work the lady in some!

This trick will work for just about any company, Applied Engineering sells
all kinds of Apple peripherals, software companies such as Brodebund
will also do this.  Any company that sells cheap parts wil fall for it
90% of the time.  With larger goods like hard drives or computers you
will have to go through the other process.

Some ideas for goods that will work --  stereos, car stereos, video 
equipment, skiing equipment, electronic equipment (phones, computers),
software, and books (expenisive ones)

Personal Favorites

Walk into a liquor store, and ask them if they take checks.  If so take
what ever looks good -- not to much because you're gonna book like hell.
Just grab two cases, and go up to the cash register.  Begin to write out
the check away from the clerk's eyes so he can't see your not writing at
all.  In the middle of writing the check, ask the clerk if he can have
several boxes, now when the clerk goes into the back to look for your
fuckin boxes, take off with the two cases!  Stash them in the car, and
take off.  From here, have fun.  Make sure there is only ONE
clerk in the store, and make sure no other customers in the store would
be stupid enough to jump on you.

Find a magazine that you wouldn't mind having a free subscription to.
Get their phone number usually in the front or back of the magazine.
Call them up and ask for a free subscription for any of the

Doctors Office, Navy/Army/Airforce base, Church, Publisher, Author,
Blind School, Death School, Nursing Home, Hospital, AIDS clinic.

Or just subscribe to the magazine and say "Pay Later" and never pay at all.
Then resubscribe under another name, same address.  They don't care.

Some Cautions

Fraud can get you many years!  In my next volume I will deal with
larger schemes dealing with a LOT of money, flirting with federal
agencies and so on.

If you fast talk some lady in California into giving you a modem for a
check they supposidly cashed, you can get away free.  After all they will not
request the bank statement, so there is really no way for you to get cornered
on that method!  Think about it, what can they do or even find out, if some
lady fasts talks you then just hang up and try back in a week.

Be creative in your quest for money-life-sex-booze-and everything!

Mail/Telephone Fraud ][

In my next issue I will go through much more illegal schemes than mentioned
here.  Stocks, bonds, mail, and credit!  So look for that soon, and don't 
do anything I wouldn't.  Feedback, questions and or answers on any of the 
content are welcome at Milliways (609)/921-1994.

                                                               -The Outland
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