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How to rip off "Business Reply Mail" companies

Want to Rip off the Franklin Mint?

	Well not necessarily the franklin mint but really anybody who sends
        out those "Postage will be paid by the adressee" cards.  Heres a
        little story, My Grandfather who was a hard core conservative somehow
        by some god awful mistake was put on the list of people who might
        contribute to the campaign.  They sent him a little postage will be
        paid card and a nice letter asking for a donation to help the Senator.
        My grandfather was outraged, and by being the smart guy he is, he
        taped the postage will be paid card to a cinder block weighing about
        20 pounds.  And since the law is once the post office get's the
        package they must deliver it.  So My grandfather never again got a
        little donation card.  20 pounds isn't a light package.

	So if you want to rip off anybody you want, the disney channel, those
        tape and compact disc clubs, or if your just having a bad day take
        out one of your little postage cards and fill a box full of bricks or
        something and send them to the good people, see how much you can
        charge them.  I don't recommend putting a return address on anything
        though unless you put the address of an enemie my grandfather never
        got a bill but you just might and nobody would want that would they?

Disclaimer: I don't think any of this shit is illegal I don't think it's even
        mailfraud so just do whatever you want and just in case you do get in
        deep shit don't come crawling to the author of this file or the sysop
        of the board you got it off.  We aren't responsible you dumb shit.

This Quality Phile By Lymph
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