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The basics of carding by The Metallian

-=>The Basics of Carding:
-=>By The Metallian:
First of all, for those of you who do not know exactly what carding is, well,
it is the illegal use of credit cards for the purchase of items using them. 
This can be very useful.  Especially when you are out of work such as I am. 
This file is of course not for the professional carder, but for the beginner
who does not know how to obtain or use a credit card to his/her advantage.
Ok, the first thing you have to do is obtain a card from somewhere.  The best
way is to go to your local supermarket or any store that uses credit cards. 
Then, you watch them take out the trash.  After they have taken the trash out
then you go over when the coast is clear and search through their trash.  I
know that it can get messy, but don't conplain, jut think of the nice things
that you will be able to get out of it in the future. You are looking for
carbons that they run te cards through.  Then, you take those home and write
down the name, card number, and the experation date and the type of card that
it is (Mastercharge, Visa, American Express, etc.) You  make sure that you have
cards with a good date on it.  Next comes the good part, the ordering.  All you
do when orderin is that you call up a mail-order and then you tell them what
you want and your card number, and then they will ask for the place to send it
to.  Here comes the hardest part.  Here are some of your options of places to
send it.
1) To a vacant house, apartment.
2) To a friend that will deny it ever arived when they inquire about it
3) To someones housee that you do not know.
Let us examine these options in detail.
1) Sending to a vacant house or apartment.  This is done by giving the
address of the vacant house/apartment.  Then, when it arives UPS and the
mail man will leave it on the front porch or bushes.  Then you just go by the
house and pick it up.  You must take into account that the      possibility
that someone may move into the house/apartment.
2) Sending to a friend and having him deny that it arived.  You abribe your
friend to pick up the packages when they arive at his/her house and then he
gives them to you.  Then, when the fuzz comes along to grab the guy who it got
sent to your friend (and parents who never saw him get it or it come) will deny
it.  And the fuzz won't mess with them any more. They will examine the other
3) Ok, you find some nice older people that don't know you and that you do not
live around.  Then, you order the stuff you want and send it to that house. 
You call the people and make up an origanal story of how they got the wrong
address and they already sent it and ask to pick it up when it arrives.  Make
sure not to give them your real name, address, phone number, etc....
And the other way of obtaining a credit card is to get it from a Elite board. 
This is not the best way, since this way the card is usually overdrawn by the
time you get it.  Anothr way to card and my favorite is to use the T.R.W.
credit information system.  This is only if you have a good password, if you do
not or do not have a file explaining it do not call it.  IF you make mistakes
they do trace ! Here is a number for T.R.W.
(408) 280-1901 Look for one in your area with your dialer or consult your local
sysop or Elite board.  For futher info on T.R.W. consult a file called T.R.W.
information that is around some places.  Ask for it at your local good bbs.
Have fun and if you card something pick me up something too.  I will pay
you a fee for the trouble.

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