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Carding III: Higher Learning by The Metallian

\+/                                                                     \+/
/+\                     Carding III, Higher Learning                    /+\
\+/                                                                     \+/
/         By: The Metallian                         /+\
\+/                                                                     \+/
/+\    Another Metal Communications Inc./ Neon Knights Presentation     /+\
\+/         Mess with the Best...........Die like the rest!!!!          \+/
\+/  Call these Genocidal Systems!!!                                    \+/
/+\  Metalland West Systems Elite/10Megs/Cat-Fur/AE/BBS...[503]538-0761 /+\
\  Metalland East Elite/10Megs/AE/Cat-Fur/1200BPS......[201]INVITEONLY\+/
/+\  Metalland North BBS..................................[503]253-5300 /+\
\+/  Metalland South Systems Coming Soon..................[???]???-???? \+/
/+\  The Metal AE1200only! PW: KILL/4Drives...............[201]879-6668 /+\
\+/  Milliways 10Megs/AE/BBS/Cat-Fur......................[609]921-1994 \+/
/+\  The MetalWorx AE PW: RAPE............................[313]663-8103 /+\
\+/  All are Cool Systems/Cool Sysop's/Cool Wares/Just all round cool!  \+/
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     Well, it looks as though we are back for another study of the amazing world of
Carding.  Since my first carding file(about 3 years ago) I have explored many new
concepts and brought them to you(via Carding II) and through board posts.  I will try

\+/ Good Ole' Carbon\+/
     I remember the days when they used to not even think twice about there carbons,
and the simple carder with very little knowledge could just walk up and take them out
of just about any ole' garbage can that they may find, but since then they have gott

     1] I quick and dirty little scam.  Here is one I have allways been fond of, as with
many scams, this requires a little initial cash for the setting up of it.  Here are your
more nessessary tools needed...
          A] A Post Office Box....under your fake company name of course.
          B] I Computer/Printer for best results, or you can use a
          C] Stamps/Envelopes/LetterHead
     You would be surprised at the stupidity of the average person.  This is a perfect
example of a proven perfect scam operation.  First off, think of a product that you
think that people would want to buy, that doesn't cost very
much, that isn't really available in stores, not that you actually have to have the
product, just as long as you know enough about it to write a little letter on it.  Then,
simply go through the phone book in another town somewhere and pick out names/addr

      2] CBI/TRW.  Many people have come to me asking about using these systems, what
I say is, "Do you want to get caught?", if they say no, of course, I say then don't use
them!  This is to be left to proffesional's, not to amatuer's at carding, I know,

     3] More Postal Theft.  As I have mentioned in Carding II, stealing them out of
mailboxes is the best way I can think of, that still holds true, just take a rather nice
drive and pick a few up.  This way you can just cruise out to another town(only a 

      4] Simple Art of Bullshit.  There are MANY MANY absolutely stupid people in the
world(like the assholes Dad I called and told that his son was arrested for
rape...hehehe!), that will believe anything if you sound proffesional, which is allways
the k

     5] The Ole' Look over the shoulder.  If you just sit in a line and watch long
enough, you can pick up enough info on someone just looking over there shoulder if you
have a good memory.  Such as, say they are buying something at a store, and you watch

      6] If All Else Fails.  If all else fails, get a gun, wait outside a store and pull
it on them and say give me your fucking credit card or i'll blow your damn head off you
jewish nigger motherfucker!  Take there credit card and kill them, or tie them

\+/ Getting that ole' Misc. \+/
     A commonly asked question to me is "How do I find out ... on someone if they ask
it when I call up".  Here is a little aid for you guys.
     1] Address.  Address is the easiest, just call up the Directory Assistance for the
city that the carbon was obtained in(odds are they live in the city that you got the
card from).  Pretty simple eh?
     2] Bank who issued the card.  Whoa, a tuffy if you just have the carbon isn't it! 
The Bank is represented by the first 4digits on the card.  When I have time I am going
to compile a list of all the big banks 4dig code.  I know that lists are supplie

      3] Social Security Number.  Listed in TRW accounts, not sure, but I think CBI too. 
Though the best is the B.S. Way(see below).
     4] Drivers Licence.  Damn!  Usually a stumper for me, though they rarely ask for
it.  Only real way is the B.S. Way(see below).
     The 'B.S.' Way.  I am sure that you can figure it out allready what I am talking
about.  Bullshit is an art, that needs be perfected, so if you can't lie your ass off
like i can, and have a reasonablely adult sounding voice (Too Bad 'The Watcher'!). 

 Ring Ring Click "Hello?".
     Yes, this is the Department of Moter Vehicles in <insert the area where they live>,
is this Mr. Joe Blow(or whatever), we had a computer system crash, and have lost partial
data on you.  Could you please read us your Drivers License Number and Social

     80% of the time they won't even give it a second thought and give it to you right
then and there, not thinking of the consiquences of there actions.
\+/ The Ultimate Scam!! \+/
     This is quite extreme, but an interesting concept, and quite easy to adapt your
own version.  This is for someone who isn't afraid of taking risks.  So listen up...
     First off, this is not to be done within your own state we don't advise. The idea
behind this is to keep the post office from getting suspicious.  Now, think, what was
the hardest thing about getting something to the drop site, if using one.... the n

ts.  This is going to cost some bucks, so bring some good friends you can trust in on
it.  First of all, you are setting up your own business.  A specialty business.  What
your business does is kinda like a temporary forwarding address company where peopl

\+/ Most Common ways to get caught carding/+\
     Everyone who has gotten caught has allways said that how it wasn't there fault and
all that shit, that is allmost never true, for, many people will disagree with me, but,
excellent carders never get caught, because they think it out and don't fuck it

     Here are some of the more common ways of getting caught...
     1] Using a card taken off of a BBS!  This is #1 in the fool department! Because
by the time it got to you it was probably used allready for something and Mr. Visa will
be there to revoke you when you go to pick your item up!
      2] Telling people!  I know all you K-Neat0 people like to brag about carding
stuff, I see it all the time!  Well, that is one of the worst things to do, because,
even if you tell someone you think you can trust, odds are he is going to tell someone 

     3] Keeping the stuff you card!  If it is something that is easily tracable (such
as a guitar) then don't keep it!  Sell it!  Get rid of it somehow!  You don't want
anything in your house that can be traced back to a carding thing, because if say you 

      4] Selling it!  Sounds kinda contridictory eh?  Not really, when selling something
you carded, only the fool would sell it in the same state as they carded it from,
because with your bad luck, the owner of the company will notice that and say, hmmm.

     Those may seem like pretty stupid mistakes but many people make them!
     I know you people who have gotten caught are going to say fuck you, but I can say
for a fact that if you got caught, you definately fucked up somewhere!
\+/ About Basics of Carding \+/
     I have been getting a little shit thrown at me by assholes about my first file,
The Basics of Carding.... think about it assholes!  It was written three years ago! 
Three years ago odds are you didn't know shit about carding!  That was the reason (he

\+/ Card-A-Trip \+/
     I am not going to say anything more about Carding Airline Tickets, because I told
you guys too much about it in the first file, I don't want the stupid assholes ruining
my fun with Airline Tickets like they ruined Carding by fucking up so much at it!

\+/ Carding Files...\+/
     I don't want a bunch of calls coming in as usual asking me to card things for
people, for my first law is...if you write a file on something you damn better well
never do it again unless you want to get busted, one of the screw ups that could be made

Now I don't want to see what I saw with the first two files, a bunch of losers coming
just changing my wording around and making there own file!  If I made any suggestions
that were described in anyone elses Carding File then sorry, because I have read no

\+/ In Conclusion...\+/
     I hope that this has in some ways helped you in your understanding of Carding. 
If you have more specific things you would like me to describe, or have questions I can
be reached at Metalland North BBS, Milliways, or if you can get through at my syst

      Now for the little thing I have to do...bare with it.  I disclaim any liability
for any loss, damage, or death directly or indirectly caused by this file.  For it was
the intention of this file to present in a non-bias format the knowledge of the pr

     Well, enough with that disclaimer, now to plug my board....for all the newest
wares, textfiles, or just about anything call Metalland West Systems at the number at
the title of the file, we are allways up, we are busy alot, but we ARE up and are not 

      Well, take it sleazy and be looking for many more text files/wares coming out from
Metal Communications & The Neon Knights.
                        The Metallian
                                   2/24/1986  Completed at 4:43am PST.
| (C)opyright 1986  The Metallian.  All Rights Reserved.  This file is for  |
|   Free use only and is not to be sold in either whole or partial form     |
|   without consent of the author.                                          |
Special thanx to: Dr. Local, Crimson Pirate, The Blade, Zandar Zan, The Duke,
 The Outland, The Prophet, & The Apothecary for no appearent reason!

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