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Elementary Anarchy and other Various Mischief

Elementary Anarchy and other Various Mischief


                  -[ The Epidemic ]-


   a. tv mischeif:
        Most schools have tv's in all of the classrooms hooked up to the 
walls or something. Check out what kinda tv your school has. For 
instance, mine has all magnavox tv's.  Go home and snag a remote from 
your house, friend, neighbor, whoever. Make sure the remote is made by 
the same company that makes your school's tv's. Bring that remote into 
your classes. The next thing you do is up to you. You could randomly flip 
the tv on and off the whole class, but this doesn't work for long cuz 
usually the teacher has a fit and unplugs it. You could also turn the tv 
on and quickly mute it. Then you could flip channels and get to your 
favorite show. Instead of hearing about the missouri comprimise, you 
could see what great bargains the home shopping network has. Of course 
you'd have to reap lips, plus the whole class would crack up, so its a 
good idea not to tip off anyone but yer friends that you have the remote.

   b. computer mischeif:

        Yer school must have some computers, right? Of course! The 
hardest part you have is to get into the finder, or on an ibm, to get to 
dos (but we'll say finder, just so i don't have to explain it in 
different versions). You could ask your librarian, or whever runs the 
place where your target computer is located, to put you in finder becasue 
you have to do a project or something, or you need to get some file for 
your own computer (think of something creative). If they don't let you 
then get DisEase or something and get the p/w.  If you can't do either of 
those, you'll have to guess it. Try first names, last names, birthdays, 
relative's names (wife, child) or any of those backwards.  Whatever. So 
once you get in to the finder go into a folder that they won't hardly 
ever look in. For instance, my library teacher is scared to death of 
going into the system folder. She thinks that the computer will, like, 
explode or something if you go in there. So go into a folder like that 
and create a folder called something that sounds technical like 
"modifications" or "formula text converting". Then, when you have a 
folder like that slap a program that records keystrokes, like for 
instance, Keystroke, in the extensions folder. You have an option of 
making it invisible using resedit [explained later] or not. Then restart, 
and move the log into the new folder. You will not only pick up the at 
ease password, but network passwords, text written about the school, 
maybe grades, and various other things people care to type. My friend 
[me, bungalow bill] picked up a user and a system password for this kid 
who sysops a board and calls it from school. It's best when you get fun 
stuff like that. This also works best when you have a librarian who's 
computer illiterate. Also, you could try this one on computers your 
parent's work might have or any office place at all. Its always good to 
have passwords to big companies like that. Have fun with this one and use 
your imagination.


   a.  invisibility:

        Do you have those certain files that you just want to keep hidden 
from people? Oh, say, those anarchy files you downloaded the other day. 
Mom and dad would hit the roof if they saw that you were trying to 
construct a bomb.  Or maybe you hid keystroke somewhere in the school 
computer. Well, do you have resedit? You'd better. Open it up and a 
little box will appear asking what you want to edit. Hit cancel. The box 
will close and your options will lie at the menu bar at the top of the 
screen. Go to "file" and select "get file/folder info." A box will appear 
on the screen. Here you should select which file or folder you want 
invisible. Then a little diologue box will pop up. It has various check 
boxes. Check "invisible". Viola! Your file can not be found when you go 
back and look for it, yet it is still there, running. You also cannot 
find it when you hit "find".  The only way you can find it is in a 
"search all files" type command, such as in Microsoft word.
   b.  visibility:

        Now that you have your hidden file, no one will get it. But you 
think, "hey i want to run that file!" But its invisible. You can not run 
these programs when they are invisible (unless they start up by 
themselves, like Keystroke). All you have to do to make your file 
reappear is to do all the same things you did to make it invisible. When 
you get to the last diolouge box make it so that the "invisible" option 
is not checked. Your file will reappear.


  a.  the paper clip method:

        Gotta make a phone call at a payphone but you have no change? 
Well, you could always use that red box that you own, but that would only 
work for a long distance call. Why not just try a paper clip? On some of 
the payphones that I've encountered you can get free phone calls using a 
straightened paper clip. First pick up the phone. You will see a bunch of 
tiny holes formed in a circle on the mouth peice. Stick one end of the 
unbent paper clip in the circle that's in the very middle. Then look at 
the actual body of the phone. Somewhere you will see another little hole. 
NYNEX phones have two, use the one nearer the top. Stick the other end in 
it. Then dial. Wait until it starts ringing, then remove the clip. If 
someone picks up while the clip is still in, the microphone will be 
zapped, and you may get a slight shock. You'll know if it works or not on 
the type of pay phone that you're using if someone picks up on the number 
you're dialing. If this method doesn't work then you can go ahead and use 
your red box that you own, and if you don't have that, then I guess 
you're gonna have to use a quarter. Ah well.


  a.  ignition:

        You know that gas grill you own? Do you want to see a huge 
kickin' flame shoot out the top? Of course you do, and this is how you do 
it. First turn on the gas. Next turn both the oven handles to the highest 
setting (ie, HIGH). Wait something like ten seconds. Then throw a match 
into it. BOOM.  I've done this various times and never gotten burned, but 
i'd advise you to 
take precautions. Just don't burn yourself. You get a nice neat little 
burn on yer face plus you look like a friggin' idiot. Also, you can scare 
little kids and adults with this. Just don't take it too far.

the epidemic: Omega BBS 
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