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How to find credit cards

                     N.A.R.C. Newsletter #9

                       By Elrond Halfelven

                    How to Find Credit Cards:
                    carbons or other methods

I. Introduction
This in my first N.A.R.C. newsletter, I hope it is
helpful and I am looking forward to putting out many more on
different areas of carding.  If there is anything you can add to
this then you should be a N.A.R.C. member.  To join N.A.R.C. you
should get in touch with The Oxidizer on Nuclear Wasteland,
N.A.R.C. home.

II. Trash Digging

Although not the most fun method of getting CCs it is the
safest by far.  It does not take much intelligence to go through
a dumpster and look for credit card carbons... But I assure you
even the most experienced carders use this method.
The way this is done is to find a store that people
always or almost always use credit cards.   It must also have a
dumpster or trashcan where its garbage is dumped that is out of
plain sight.  Wait for the store to close or go when few people
are around and search for ripped up carbons.  Then piece them
together and you should get full or partial information.

III.  Slight of Hand

Another method which I myself often use is this trick on
ususpecting customers...If you work as a cashier at a store that
accepts credit cards you have an excellent opportunity to get
card numbers and full info.
What you need to do is when someone comes in and buys
something via credit card,  you wait for him/her to rip up the
carbon and throw it out,  if he/she throws it out in the stores
trashcan,  pick up the cardbon right away.  Or sometimes the
person will not even ask for his/her carbon,  although this is
somewhat rare.  But I have even had someontheir actuall
credit card behind,  then I just copy the name and number down,
and give it back.

IV.  Mailbox Searching

This is basically a very lame way to get credit cards due
to the danger and in order to get CCs this way you get the
actuall card.
What you do is have a bunch of pointless flyers made up,
and goto a decent neighborhood away from your area of residence
that has homes with accesable mail boxes.  Wear sunglasses and a
baseball hat if possible,  although don't wear the shades on a
cloudy day.  Do this during school time if possible so you are
not seen.  What you do is go by each persons mail box and put a
flyer in it (Which in itself is illegal, but few people know
this) and while you are doing so search the mail for envelope
from banks.   If you happen to find one from a bank slip it into
your pile of flyers and sneak off to open it.  If it has a CC in
it then you are in luck.  Go home and prepare to card,  because
you don't have much time until the card will go bad probably.
This method is not a very good one,  use only if you are
desperat  TRW

I will keep this short because this uses more hacking
than carding... But one method is to hack the local TRW system
and you can get full info on a card with name and number.
       What you do is find a carbon with partial info some other
way (Must be name and number)  and check TRW for it,  then you
will get full info...Personnally,  I never hacked TRW on my own
although it can be done.
Also, you may know some big time hacker through bbsing,
have him hack TRW for you and get the info in exchange for
carding him something.

VI. Trading info

Another way to get credit card numbers is to just trade
information of some sort to someone who has a steady supply of
credit cards.  Maybe this would be phreaking codes,  or dialups,
 or maybe some bank numbers, or even money I suppose(This would
make you a lamer in my book) . There are many people out there
who have connections you don't, and some may even give you the
numbers and such for free.

VII.  VMB's and Carding Subs

This is basically self explanitory.  There are many Voice
Mail Boxes or VMBs that ds with full info on them, and
they are not that hard to get the number to,  just e-mail some
people you know,  maybe they know of one.  Just,  once in a
while put in a valid card and then all will go well.
Also many elite systems have their own carding sub,
there will be valid cards on these subs for the taking.  Don't
be shy,  although if the card number is really old don't bother,
you are just asking to get caught.

VIII.  Connections

Maybe you know someone who can do one of the above
methods.  Don't be afraid to ask for his help.  Maybe this
person is a cashier that can get you a steady supply of credit
card numbers with names.  Then get those to someone who hacks
TRW and then you will get the full info on several cards and be
able to take you pick and return the favor to some VMBs you
leeched card numbers off of...It all works out very nicely...

IX.  Conclusion

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this N.A.R.C. newsletter,
for more information on N.A.R.C. and carding you may contact me
on Nuclear Wasteland (408)  xxx-xxxx or The Norse Wanderer (213)
xxxOr you may contact The Oxidizer on any of the more
decent boards in the country.

X.  Some personal greetings

Hey to Zapper, Icepirate,  DC-Air,  Street Skater, TED,
The Viking,  The Realm Keeper, The Highwayman, Sir Mugzy,  The
Black Lord, Htaed, Jt, Fang, T-Bird, The Immortal, Unborn Child,
Dirty Harry, Rio, and Dark Cavalier.  If I have left you out, to
bad, maybe in my next letter...

                      Yours in Carding


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