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Breaking into phone coin boxes


To all people who don't believe in giving
the phone company 25 cents for
a call, or even a dime, this is for you

I don't know about the rest of the
country but here in N.Y.C. they have
armored the pay-phones with steel
plates surrounding the bottom half of
the phone. This shield will withstand
any attack by M-80's, block-busters,
super-blockbusters, ash-cans,
pineapples, etc...... (Except Dynamite)
to destroy this plating and most of the
bottom half of the phone, use the
following device.

First you must blow out the hinge on the
coin return slot. This can be done with
most conventional weapons such as a
Then, take a 6 inch section of the same
type of bendable metal tubing that
surrounds the wire to the receiver,
but it must be at least 1 inch in dia-

Then, solder a piece of sheet metal on
to one side of the tube to seal that
side. Then fill the tube with the same
flash-powder used in block-busters and
fill that end with strong epoxy to seal

One thing I forgot to mention, before
soldering the round piece of sheet
metal to the tube, drill a small hole
in it just big enough to fit a piece of
demolition fuse through. Then put the
piece through before filling it.Seal
the edges of the fuse with the same
epoxy used to seal the opposite end of
the tube.

Then, when complete, shove the thing
up into the coin slot with the epoxy
end going in first.

Next thing you know you've got dimes,
nickels, and quarters falling all around

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