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Getting Money From Payphones


 Getting money from a payphone requires only a few simple
1. Intellegence-You have to know when to do this kind of
thing. If you do it in  broad daylight, with a bunch of
people  watching you, you'll have the TELCO on  you so fast
you won't know what happened.

2. You must select a phone that you can have access to its
   wires.  (Look for a plastic shroud running down the wall,
or the junction box outside!) On a normal phoneline, only two
wires are used:Ring & Tip.  (Red & Green). The payphone uses
the red and green for its telephone operations, but it also
uses the yellow & black to control the  coin mech. relays &
solenoids. Find a section of the wire where a cut will not be
easily seen.  Strip off the insulation of the cord, exposing
the four wires. Now, get out the all purpose wire cutters (Or
finger nail clippers if you like) and cut the wires.

What Happens? Well, when you put money into a payphone, it
stays in the coin mechanism until 1 of 2 things happens:

  1. You connect your call, talk, and Hangup. After you
     hangup, your money goes to the collection box. (The only
     way to get the money then is to rip the box out!)

  2. You call a number that doesn't answer, or get busy
     signal, or something like that, and then hangup. When
     you hangup, the money goes from the coin mech. to the
     coin return.

 That is the key! After the Black & Yellow wires have been
cut, the money goes neither to the coin box or coin return!
It just sits there!  All you have to do is come back at like
3:00 in the morning, re-connect the black & Yellow wires,
pick up the handset & put it back down.

**********JACKPOT********** All the money that was put in
that phone that day comes shooting out the coin return.
(Just like in the movies!) It is the COOLEST FEELING! I have
collected upto $30 a day doing this to phones all around

Dangers: The people that put money in   and don't get
connected or get a busy operator who inturn calls the Repair
Dept. (That is why it is important to cut the wire where it
can not be seen. But  if you want to do this as a one time
thing.........GO FOR IT! Oh yes, alternate phones every other
couplple of days or  so. Stay on your toes and watch out for
white Vans!!!!) If someone sees you taking money out of the
coin return (Getting $15 in change out of a phone is not
common!) Just say you hung up the phone and all this mony
started pouring out! (It doesn't hurt to give them a little
of it either!) After a month or two the  Phone Co. catches
on, so I do not reccomend using one phone for over two weeks. 

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