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Fun with Amtrak by PBX Phreak

                            -=Fun With AmTrak=-
                 by The PBX Phreak (pbxphreak@unixnet.org)

Hello b0yz and g1rls. Just sit back and relax, fasten your seatbelt and
enjoy the ride, because after reading this you will be able to do exactly
that. VIA Amtrak.

I am from Canada and on a recent trip to the US I used this method on a
regular basis. This actually has been one of my many experiences. This is
not made up.

What You Need to Use

 - Your bag packed full of your stuff
 - Full info credit card
 - Payphone or a cloned cell phone
 - Deep voice (not those pussy voices you hear on c0nfz)

If you don't gno where to get credit cards, here are a few places:

 - Hack into p0rn sites and grab the database (if you can haxor)
 - Trashing
 - Stealing cardz from yer parents
 - Stealing someones purse on the Sub-Way

After you got yerself a full info credit card, you are all set.

Typical Telephone Conversation

You: DIAL 1-800-USA-RAIL
Oper: Hello, AmTrak, how can I help you?
You: Yes, My cousin has lost his ID, and he is stranded, I need to order him a
ticket. Is this possible.
Oper: Yes, this is called a prepaid ticket.
You: Ok, I would like to do that then.
Oper: Where is he located at?
You: He is in Dallas, Texas.
Oper: Ok. Where does he want to travel too.
You: Home of course, which is in Tampa, Florida
Oper: Ok, There is a train leaving at 1:30pm, is that ok?
You: Yes that is fine. What is the one way fair?
Oper: $119.28 is the one way fair.
You: That's great.
Oper: Now, that is all settled, I need the passenger's name.
You: Nathan Winters (made up name)
Oper: You said he lost his ID, well we can put a password on the ticket. He
will just have to give the agent the password when he goes and picks up the
You: I guess the password will be "cheese", do you accept Mastercard?
Oper: Thank you, that will be his password, and yes we do accept Mastercard,
what is the card #?
You: 5371-2881-0191-7882 and that expires in 03/98
Oper: Thank you, sir. Remember to tell him to be at the terminal 1 hour before
his train leaves. So he should be there at 12:30 for his 1:30 train.
You: Thank you for your help.
Oper: Thank you for Choosing AmTrak.

Now that you have done all that.. All you have to do is walk up to the counter
at the AmTrak station and say "I have a ticket waiting for me," and be sure to
tell them the password. They will print up the ticket, and you're all set.

Anything could happen while yer on the trip, free food, hotel, train crash,
you name it.. anything.. well Have Phun.

You could also order a room on the train. But make sure you have enough credit
on the card. I never ordered the room, but you can try. Anything is possible
when on AmTrak.

True Story
On one of my trips on AmTrak a funny thing happened. At the time I was in
San Jose, California. I got a ticket from San Jose to Schofield, Wisconsin.
But there was a problem, we were delayed on the track for 2 and a half hours
becuase of this we all missed our connecting train from Portland, Oregon to
Wisconsin. The next train for Wisconsin wasn't going to leave for another
2 nights. So AmTrak paid for my meals and hotel for 2 nights, so you never
gno what yer getting into.

I used this method a lot while I was in the US. So I wouldn't be so suprised
if this method dies, After me explaining this to all the world. Or whoever
is reading this article, and remember, THANK YOU FOR ABUSING AMTRAK!

 This has been for informational purposes only!! :)

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