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How to rip off Pepsi machines

How to rip off Pepsi Machines
By A.Nonomous
"This world needs an enema, and we're just the men to do it"

Disclaimer: I don't reccomend using the techniches described in 

this doc, so don't come crying to me if you get caught. This 

information is presented for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY by way 

of the first ammendment("BoB" bless America)

Ok, let's say you're a little hacker geek that needs 

money...fast. You've seen people at school pumping money into the 

great Pepsi god to feed their caffine addictions and dreamt about 

all the money they make. First, Pepsi is a drug dealer. Caffine 

is in Pepsi. Caffine is a drug. Drugs are evil(so sez George). 

So, by the substitution postulate(I have been paying attention in 

class!!!) Pepsi=evil. Right????

The getting of the money is actually pretty easy. You just have 

to know where to look.
!     P   !
!     E   !
!     P   !
!     S   !
!     I   !  <---- LOOK HERE
Ok.. so the drawing's a little messed, but you get the idea...

There should be a little opening on the side. The next step is 

the hardest part. Reach into the hole and reach up as far as you 

can. You should feel a vinyl bag. You're going to want to pull 

this out. THIS IS NOT EASY!!! Be patient. If you work long enuff, 

it will come. It helps to be skinny(like me)... Once it's out, 

all you have to do is chop it open. I know at my school I've made 

$50 in one night off of 2 machines without any effort at all.

*NOTE* This only works on the older, non-bubbled-front machines

On the newer machines, that have the coolin' picture on the 

front, it's super easy to get free pepsis(but I'm not sure about 

the money).  Just open the flap that the cans come out of and 

feel around. Usually there are a couple of six packs there for 

storage. Pull them out of the plastic rings and you're set.

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