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How professional racetrack gamblers operate

                                            50% Winners Please 

                  "My main aim is to find a service that selects only a few good selections, say two to five every Saturday and can
                  find consistant good priced winners. I expect a 40% to 50% strike rate at an average price of about 5/1."

                  That is a very common expectation from punters who clearly do not understand the maths of punting. It also shows that
                  their punting strategies must be sadly astray if they seriously expect it. 

                  To put it simply:

                  1.A 40% strike rate at 5/1 means long term for every 10 bets you have you will average four winners at an average price of
                  5/1 which is $6.00.

                  2. This means for every one hundred dollars outlaid you will get back $240 for a profit on turnover of 140%.

                  3. This is punting fantasy. You only find these results in marketed racing systems. 

                  4. We all know what racing systems do. Anyone can come up with a fantastic list of winners after the races are run and

                  It is also a common flaw for punters to think that if you refine your bets down to your top two or three selections on a
                  Saturday then you will usually find two or three winners. Punting simply does not work like that.  

                  1.You will invariably find some horses you liked but could not include in your top few selections winning at good odds.

                  2.You will often find the horse which you think is the main danger to your selection winning at very good odds and
                  wonder why you didn't select it or back it instead. 

                  3. Also, if you are only selecting a few bets you will invariably play safe which will usually mean being on short priced

                  Here is how many successful professionals operate.
                  They know the flaws of trying to limit themselves to only a few bets on a Saturday:

                  1.They aim to make 10% profit on turnover a year. Anything else is a bonus.

                  2.They know that if a decent income is to be made from punting they must have turnover.

                  3.To get decent turnover many professionals prefer plenty of strong bets from around the country on a Saturday.

                  4.They do not believe in only having a couple of selections each Saturday because this means putting all their eggs in one
                  basket. With three selections and aiming to make an income of two thousand dollars over the week, seven thousand dollars
                  has to be put on each selection.

                  5.These professionals understand losing runs. If they are outlaying twenty thousand or fifty thousand on a Saturday most
                  prefer to spread their risks and look for value right across the country.

                  6.Different stakes are placed on a variety of strong selections from across the country, but only if a fair price is obtained.

                                          That is how The Professional Punter operates.
                                               That is also why we are successful.


                  If you are thinking of phoning one of those advertised 1900 numbers which charges $33 for one selection are
                  you prepared to place $330 on their selections for the win?

                  If you do that and assuming their selections make 10% profit on turnover you will have got the cost of your
                  phone calls back !!

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