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Safe money stealing

Filename: Safe Stealing

		    [->>>> Stealing made easy <<<<-]

			 ...By The Fireman...
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   This phile, the second of a continuing saga for the pursuit of free items,
shall deal with ways to safely get free items. To correctly use the material
herein you should be familiar with proper techniques to correctly steal, card,
etc. items. I highly suggest you first read some philes on stealing then get
some experience or have a knowledgeable friend 'teach' you the correct ways to
get stuff. The phile will kinda go like this: 1st is the setup, you must get a
person to pull off the job for ya. 2nd is some different ways to get the stuff
you want, or the actual bulk of the phile. Finally is how to keep safe, or what
you should do for an alibi.

   I.  The setup

     A. Pick an intelligent or at least 'un-stupid' person that you don't
	really care if he gets busted, but think you can trust.
     B. Make sure he's capable of pulling off the sort of deal you want him
        too, also make sure he's not afraid or anything.

     C. Now for the actual setup.

       1. You should either belong to some sort of Anarchy group or something
	  if not then create one. Try to make up or have a name that could
          reveal the inteligence of this person, something like 'The Big Bunch
          of Thieves' is a little to easy for him to understand, try something
          more like 'Lakh of Larcens'. This will forcce them to think.
       2. Offer them a part or membership in this gang if they can complete
	  a special favor.
       3. Tell them something that they might be able to gain at the same time
	  they pull it off, or at a later date.
       4. If they haven't said Ok to the task then try giving them reasons why
          they shouldn't care, like 'They have fucked lotsa people over' or
	  some other simple stupid remark.
       5. Acquaint them with your plan and prepare your alibi and etc...

  II. Different possible tasks.

     A. The Breaking in theory.

       1. This is very simple and most profitable.
       2. Set up a plan for TWO OrVmore subjects to break into a desired bldg.
       3. Have your self included in the plan just to watch over, but only
	  follow them TO the target, instead of going with them away meet them
	  then take the goods.
       4. Don't get in sight and don't let yourself get caught in a trouble-
	  some position. Then you should be safe.
       5. It's wise here to pickup just a little more than you would yourself
	  if you were to pull it off. (i.e. if you would take 2 computers have
	  them take 3.) also let them get something else if they want, but set
          guidelines. No cleaning 'em out.

     B. The Carding theory.

       1. This is EXTREMLY simple, not even any fun.
       2. Just make the subject(s) find a house near them, then haave them go
          along with you to the trash dump, wherever, to get the CC#'s.
       3. The rest is obvious. Send the stuff to the house(s). In this also
	  include something for them. (this helps to use them again)

     C. Info, Protection, Easy entrance theory.

       1. This should be called a semi-blackmail:bribe.
       2. Just have someone get you some secrets or something to a place that
	  they have special access to. (i.e. if they work at a bank, have them
	  find a safe way in and out of it.) or maybe some pswds. to major
	  systems, etc...
       3. This needs no alibi for it's ridiculous to imagine someone saying
          'Well, he was gunna lemme in his club if i unlocked this here door
           so he could sneak in.' just notify him that were he to turn around
          and try to nail you for something that you'd get him busted by just
          saying he would do this, or give you this, if you'd just break in,
          or whatever, just turn the tables on 'em.

     D. The small scam.

       1. This is a little con game to be played, usually for just $$$.
       2. Apply any con here in which they are the one collecting the money
          while you're the innocent playing piece.
	> Game 1: Have the subject approach a person (alone) and ask for
	  change, for say a ten dollar bill. Once he finds someone who pulls
	  out their wallet and rummages for ten ones, you should come onto
	  scene. Inconspicuously, walk by them and your partner should ask you
	  while their digging it up. Once they get theirs out, you pull out
	  yours. (previously the subject should have been waving around a real
          ten dollar bill.) now he places it in his pocket as though he's
          waiting. Now he should accept the other person's change and then
          say 'Good, I needed change for both tens.' then pull out two very
	  close replicas and hold them covered partialy in gne hand. As you
	  hand your change too him, after the other does, but making sure you
	  drop it, as your subject picks it up he should hand the fake tens
	  too you. then take off thanking both of you. Now you should take
          your time by asking some questions or something like, 'Hey, he
          didn't give us the dough!' then act foolish, etc. Finally when he's
	  (your partner) has enuf of a lead, look at the dough and say some
          stupid thing like 'Did i already give you yours or what? This stuff
          is play money.'
	> Game 2: This one is more or less customized, but all you do is have
	  yourself walk around some story as if waiting for someone, then
	  finally leave. Seconds later, the subject runs in and asks the
	  victim if he/she saw you. Basically have them call you (on a loop)
	  and check that some article (worthless, but that the partner is
	  carrying) then weasle them into giving you some money for the
          article with the idea that they'll give the stuff to you for a
	  higher price.

     E. The small take.

       1. Just use a basic shoplifting technique where you shall cause a
	  interference so that the subject may easily take whatever
	  item you want.
       2. This is no big deal and is quite useless, but is included so that
          there might be an 'E'

 III. The alibi.

     A. Set up something with a friend that would prove you were at home while
	the crime was commited (for Bldg. Breakins.) A good idea is a friend
	who runs a board that has clock to involve you in the user log.
     B. For Carding, Small scam, Small take, and The Blackmail:bribe attempt
	just make sure your not connectable to the artist (your subject).

  That should do it... Have fun and if you notice any corrections or find this
  useful or something leave Feedback on The Top Secret BBS or
  The King's Lair (Soon to be 20 meg Cat-fur) 913/236-4493

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