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The Truth on How You Can Really Make Big Money With Electronic Marketing

          Don't Let The Electronic Marketing Scam Artists
                       Rip You Off!
           ....Here's The Truth On How You Can Really
             Make Big Money With Electronic Marketing

Dear Friend,

I'm really mad. As mad as I've ever been about anything. Every day, I get
calls from clients and subscribers who have been burned (again) by the fast
buck artists selling a bunch of hype on how easy it is to make big money
with electronic marketing.

Here's the truth about electronic marketing. It is a very new, very
immature medium that has to be handled extremely carefully.

In fact, electronic marketing is the fastest way to lose a lot of money
really quickly. I know dozens of business owners who have lost thousands of
dollars using this supposedly "no cost" form of marketing.

Protect Yourself From The Rip-Off Artists

As a former software engineer, I can guarantee you that all the promises
these fast buck sleazeballs are making are completely worthless. While it's
true that millions of computer owners are now online, it simply isn't true
that they're just sitting there eagerly waiting to send you money the
moment you e-mail them.

Now, don't get me wrong, There are ways to reach bonafide buyers and make
some serious money with electronic marketing. But these get-rich-quick con
artists don't have a clue what these techniques are.

I know they don't. I've personally spoken with most of the biggest names in
electronic marketing and their track records are pathetic. Most of them
sell little if anything online themselves. They make all their money by
selling their useless advice to unsuspecting people who want to take
advantage of an exciting and confusing new medium.

Finally, There Is A Legitimate Way For You To Make Very Real Profits With
Electronic Marketing

After I published two issues of my newsletter giving the real scoop on
electronic marketing, my clients started flooding me with requests to
create a product on how to legitimately make money with electronic
marketing. But I really haven't felt there were enough proven ways to fill
a course with the kind of quality material I'd insist on it having. Not
until now.

I'm proud to announce a brand new course I've put together called the
ELECTRONIC MARKETING POWER SUMMIT - Proven Techniques For Really Striking
It Rich On The Information Superhighway.

Why This Course Is So Different - And So Much More Profitable Than Anything
You've Ever Seen On Electronic Marketing!

The ELECTRONIC MARKETING POWER SUMMIT is a completely unique product.
Nothing like it has ever been created.

What makes it so unique is I've set it up in a seminar-like format. I've
managed to talk four of the foremost authorities in the country on
electronic marketing into joining me as "speakers" for this course.

My standards for selecting each of these experts were extremely rigorous.
First, they must actually be making a lot of money with the electronic
medium they'll be sharing their expertise on. Second, they must be totally
honest and ethical. (That alone eliminates 98% of all so called electronic
marketing experts!)

I've recorded two hour interviews with each speaker on their particular
area of expertise. And from my newsletter, you know how I interview. I get
right to the heart of the matter to find out the fastest, easiest, least
expensive ways for you to make as much money as quickly as possible!

Here's the speakers line up...and the million dollar electronic marketing
secrets they'll be sharing.

Audri and Jim Lanford: How To Really Make Big Money On The Internet And
World Wide Web

Audri and Jim Lanford are the only people I really trust when it comes to showing people how to strike it rich on the Internet. Why? Because they understand both high technology and marketing extremely well. So well that they rocketed their computer imaging company onto the Inc. 500 list and then sold it for millions.

They have developed a number of successful, ethical techniques for selling
on the Internet that work like crazy. Techniques that make it possible for
any size company to start cashing in today on the Internet(by the way, the
World Wide Web is part of the Internet).

In their interview, Audri and Jim break down the barriers to this critical
form of electronic marketing. They cut through all the fog and show you
what it really takes to make money consistently on the Internet.

They reveal true insider's secrets and tips for maximizing the sales of
nearly any product or service. And give real life examples of companies
that are quietly hitting the mother lode on the Internet right now.

This in depth interview isn't to be missed!

Dan Poynter: Sit Back, Relax, And Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Month
With Your Own Auto Pilot Fax-On-Demand System

Dan Poynter is one of the direct marketers who I admire the most. His track
record is incomparable.

He single handedly took a single book on parachuting and parlayed it into a
multi-million dollar publishing empire. And he did it by producing the
highest quality products in the marketplace. Dan's THE SELF PUBLISHING
MANUAL is considered the bible for the self publishing industry.

Dan excels at taking new technology and turning it into powerful sources of
additional profits. He knows more about fax-on-demand than anyone around.
This knowledge comes from quietly and consistently making thousands of
dollars month in and month out with a remarkably simple auto pilot system.
And Dan says almost anyone can easily duplicate his success.

Once an auto pilot system has been set up, there's nothing left to do.
Well, there is one thing. You have to fill out deposit slips and take all
your checks and credit card drafts to the bank!

Dan has promised to lay it all on the line. He'll share all the details of
his extremely lucrative system as well as many other tips on how to make
the most money now and in the future with this exciting new technology.

John Soellner: Money Making Secrets Of Electronic Publicity The Big
Corporations Don't Want You To Know

I've known John for a couple of years now and his vast knowledge of
electronic marketing blows me away. When he revealed the incredible secret
of electronic publicity to me, I was shocked.

The money making potential is incredible. This particular technology has
been in use for over ten years. Yet only the largest corporations know
about it. And let me tell you, they're making so much money with it, they
wish you'd never find out about it!

John reveals how to blanket the globe with your publicity for pennies on
the dollar using an amazingly simple piece of electronic technology. Plus,
for no extra cost, how to get your publicity permanently stored on the most
in demand data bases in the world. That means customers looking for
information on your type of product or service will be able to buy from you
for many years to come.

There's much, much more that John will share. He'll also cover new
technologies that are just being introduced, some that are still in
development, and most importantly, how to make money with all of them.

Dan Reynolds: Proven Techniques For selling Any Product Or Service On
CompuServe, Prodigy, and Other Commercial Bulletin Boards

Dan Reynolds is the editor of The VIDEO MARKETING LETTER and an absolutely
brilliant marketer. Even though I have no interest in producing my own
videos I subscribe to and read Dan's newsletter cover to cover every month.
That's because Dan consistently comes up with new twists that make direct
marketing even more profitable.

Lately, Dan has been concentrating on using the commercial bulletin boards
like CompuServe and Prodigy to sell a lot more of his products. And he's
finally cracked the code! Dan's results have been spectacular. Some of his
projects bring in over ten dollars for every dollar he invests in
marketing. Results like that can make you wealthy in short order.

Dan will reveal everything he does to produce these tremendous profits. And
he'll show you exactly how to create and place the most effective forms of
advertising on the commercial boards.

He'll also talk about how to create the ideal products and services online
customers flock to. Dan's profit making, insider know-how is not to be

Bob Serling: Shoot Your Sales Right Off The Charts By Creating And
Exploiting Simple Marketing Data Bases

This, of course, is me. In my former life as a software engineer, one of my
specialties was designing customer databases.

I'll let you in on a big secret. With the power of some very inexpensive
and easy to use database software that's now available, you can double or
triple your profits.

I know this all sounds complicated and highly technical. But I promise to
remove all the techno-babble and make it so easy and so profitable, you'll
wish you'd known about this ten years ago!

I'11 be demonstrating precisely how to create simple, yet extremely
powerful databases that cut marketing costs dramatically and increase
profits many times over. I'll also talk about how to set your database up
to automate repeat mailings. This is one of the key secrets to maximizing

I'll cover how to use your data base to identify your most profitable
customers - and kill the marginal customers who eat into your profits. Plus
much, much more. Even someone who has never touched a computer before will
be able to act on this information immediately to substantially boost their
sales and profits.

Here's How You Can Personally Cash In On The Hot Opportunities In
Electronic Marketing

That's the course in a nutshell. There's actually a lot more than I
haveroom to cover in this letter, but I'm sure you get the picture.

You can get on the fast track to real profits in electronic marketing by
ordering your personal copy of the Electronic Marketing Power Summit. You
may request more information by contacting my authorized distributor Jim
Austin at Austin & Moss, CPA's at the address below.


Bob Serling, President
Stratford Marketing Group, Inc.

Contact:  Austin & Moss, CPA's
          Business Resource Division
          721 East Main Street
          Spartanburg, SC 29302
          (803) 585-6240
          Fax (803) 582-7332
          E-Mail: cpadvisr@ix.netcom.com
          Compuserve: 73203,1504
          AOL: AUSTINJIM

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