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Long-distance provider "slamming" - what to do about it


What is it? When a long distance telephone service changes your
long distance carrier without your permission. It's illegal and
you can take steps to prevent it from happening and help the
authorities punish the slammers.

Some people don't realize when their long distance carrier has
been changed.

	1. Look at your phone bill, the page listing for long distance

	2. If your not sure who your long distance carrier is and you
don't want to wait for your 		    bill call this toll-free
number to find out, 700-555-4141.

If you discover you've been switched without your approval.

	1. Call your local telephone company, tell them about the
switch, and ask them to 			    reconnect you to your old carrier.

	2. Call the long distance company that made the switch and let
them know you don't want 		    their service.

	3. Write a letter to your local phone company and have them put
a freeze on your phone		    line. A freeze means that your long
distance carrier cannot be changed without your 		    approval.


If you find out you've been slammed.

	1. You don't have to pay the switching fee.

	2. You do have to pay for the phone calls you made but, you can
pay them at the rate of 		    your regular long distance carrier.

Approving a switch without knowing you did.

	1. Be careful when filling out coupons for free gifts or trips,
read the fine print. You may 		    be signing with a new carrier.

	2. When you're called buy a new carrier and don't want their
service make sure you tell 		    them you don't want their

Tele-Consumer Hotline provides a free brochure on long distance
carrier selection. Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

	Tele-Consumer Hotline

	1331 H St., NW Suite 201

	Washington D.C. 20005

Regards Bob Ludwig

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