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Surviving at Casino Slots


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Slots are the easiest game to play in the casino. Walk up, insert a
coin, pull the handle, then reach into your pocket for more money.
Unfortunately when the house has such a high edge against you, that is
what normally happens. But that does not mean you cannot have some fun
and at least close the gap on the edge the casino holds against us. So
below are some of my favorite slot tips to help you overcome this huge
house advantage. You will find these plus many other casino tips,
techniques, and playing st rategies on my audio cassette tapes,
"Hooked on Winning," but for now let us concentrate exclusively on the
most popular of all casino games, SLOTS. These tips will not guarantee
you that you are going to be a winner, because it's tough to beat a
house edge that is generally well over 10%, but it also does not have
to be so tough on your bankroll, and that is where these tips will
really help.  So let's get started. 

First, Progressive machines offer the opportunity to compare and shop
around for the best value. One 25 cent "slot machine carousel" can
have a progressive payout of $2600 and another at $1900 standing right
next to it. You should always be looking for the best gaming
opportunity possible. 

2. Casinos will advertise machines that have a 98.5% payback. Now on
the positive side this would definitely be a great machine to play.
WOW!!! A casino game holding just a percent and a half, and a slot
machine no less . This would be a better bet than most of the other
casino action you would find. Now the downside. If you look closely at
the advertisement, it will probably say, "On select machines." Also it
most likely will not be posted on the machine itself, and probably
limited to a single bank of machines, so it becomes your
responsibility to find them. Easiest way: ask a slot employee, and if
they don't know, have them ask their direct supervisor.

3. Las Vegas gives away over one half billion dollars worth of comps
each year and as a slot player you deserve your share. Casinos now
offer you the ability to "comp yourself" by using one of their slot
cards. You might not be comfortable with this advanced technology but
it is a proven way of getting your fair share of comps. What's
important is to find out the value of your slot play with your
favorite casino. How, well it's generally based on the number of coins
you cycle through a machine. Might as we ll get points for all those
quarters you're inserting, so find out how much their worth. 

4. You always want to treat comps as profit but you never want to
gamble just to receive them. It is much better to play 98% plus
payback machines and increase your winning opportunities than play
poor return machines. Remember you're there to WIN not get a free

5. If you cannot afford to play the maximum amount of coins, you
should not be playing that denomination of machine. If you are playing
a dollar s lot and 5 dollars is to rich for your blood, drop down to a
quarter machine. It is always better value to play five quarters
versus one dollar and five nickels instead of one quarter.

6. Never play back credits. The problem with playing them back is that
it is too easy to play them all before you realize your total is zero.

7. Avoid restaurants, bars, supermarkets and airport slot machines.
They are the tightest of them all. 

8. Before you walk away from a machine, make sure you have not left
any m oney in the slot in the form of credits. Millions are lost each
year by gamblers who walk away from a machine leaving their winnings.
When you are done playing, don't forget to cash out.

9. It is your responsibility if you hit a jackpot that you receive
full p ayment. Some jackpots will only deliver partial payment in the
tray and the remainder will be paid by a slot attendant. If you were
to insert more coins and pull the handle, bad news, the remainder of
your jackpot is lost forever.

10. You are in a casino and you just cannot decide which type of slot
machine to play. If you are going to choose between video poker and
slots, play video poker. Even poor play on a video poker machine will
have a better payback than most "reel" slot machines. 

11. Read all the posted material on the machine you are playing.  You
must fully understand all printed information concerning the number of
lines lit, prizes or awards. 99 times out of a hundred when someone
calls over a slot attendant and complains the machine just ripped them
off, that person generally did not read the pay schedule correctly.

12. When you insert coins, do not assume all the coins registered
before pulling the handle, because casinos will not pay you the big
jackpot if the total amount of coins did not register. Played five but
only four registered, SORRY. Again it is your responsibility.

14. Avoid machines that use video representations of symbols. There is
absolutely no way to figure out the payoff percentage of that machine.
For all you know you could be playing a 256 stop machine. We spend
plenty of time on our tapes explaining "stops" and all other aspects on
how slot machines really work.

15. It is easy to reserve your favorite slot machine.  Most casinos
will hold a slot for you while you go to the restroom, take a short
15 minute break, or even go to lunch, and it is pretty simple to do. 
Just have a s lot supervisor reserve your machine, but remember, give
them a specific time when you will return.

16. Do not chain yourself to a cold machine. Why? Because the longer
you stay at any machine the more time the machines built in advantage
has to work on you. "Learn to leave a losing machine." Four or five
no return pulls, walk away. 

17. Even if you are just playing slots, you still need to set your
bankroll for the trip and your gaming session. Discipline yourself and
stick to it.

18. Play where the local gamble because locals generally will not play
83% return machines. And where do they play? Just walk up and ask a
few employees where the locals find the best slot value. Even if they
are not players themselves, they at least know where their friends
like to gamble. 

19. Leave your credit and bank teller cards at home so you will not be
tempted with the easy convenience of getting cash. Also, never gamble
above your means or with money you cannot afford to lose.

Finally, try to play at a casino that gives you the best return on
slots. Generally a downtown Las Vegas casino will return a higher
percentage back to you the customer than a Vegas Strip casino would.
Also play at casinos that advertise those 98% plus machines, but don't
forget, once you are there, ask a slot employee which machines those
are, because generally they are not advertised.

Mark Pilarski has spent the last fifteen years on the wrong side of
the table, working for the casinos extracting your money. That's the
bad news. The good news is that he has created a gaming product that
will give you all the information you need to know to win, and finally
let you start "gambling without tears." It's called "Hooked on
Winning," and includes 2 one hour audio cassette tapes and three take
anywhere colorful laminated cards. Total investment, $14.95.  That's
less than 5 minutes of Saturday night casino action.

Mark Pilarski has a saying, a creed if you will, and it goes like
this. "The smarter you play, the luckier you'll be." Why don't you
give Mark the opportunity to be your personal gaming instructor and
take advantage of this superb product. You have nothing to lose
because he'll back it up with an unconditional money back guarantee.
Now that's a bet you "can" afford to lose!!!

To order "Hooked on Winning" send $14.95 plus $2.50 for shipping,
handling and insurance to:

Please make checks payable to Winners Publishing.

Winners Publishing

774 Mays Blvd. Suite 10

Department SP

Incline Village, NV 89451

For more information e-mail for electronic brochure.


(702) 832-2000

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