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Some Great Scams You Can Pull

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                Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter #0002                 
          Date Released : [05/12/92]       Author: Sepulturic Death          
                         Some Great Scams You Can Pull                       

        Welcome the the second issue of V.A.S. ! As you can tell by the
title, this issue will tell you all sorts of fun and easy ways to rip stuff
off. Welp enough introduction, lets get to the good stuff.

         How many times have you hungered for some fast food like Taco Bell,
          or Burger King, but were just flat broke? Welp here are a few
          interesting ways to get free food, they all work if executed
          carefully (i.e. you are not laughing and with a group of like 20
          teenage friends).

          If you have ever been to a Taco Bell , you know that they do things
          a bit differently than most fast food resteraunts, which lets you
          rip them off a bit easier. You know how they have you order, then
          rush through to the next person? Welp you simple go over the the
          side where you pick up your order, and just sit there for a few
          minutes, preferably around 5 or so. Now you can sit there and watch
          them call out orders, and when you see something that you like, you
          simple take it, of course someone else will tell you it's theirs,
          but you simply start hassling them, quietly mind you, that you have
          been waiting there for several minutes waiting for your order, and
          you probably just ordered the same thing. Now when you get thirsty
          (since you get your pop when you actually order most of the time),
          you go up to the counter, ask for a glass of water. They give you
          a SMALL glass, you can ask for a bigger one, but since there
          is free refils, who cares? Now take the water, drink it or dump it
          out on the floor or something to that effect, go back up, and ask
          for a refill of Pepsi or Mountain Dew, they will just go ahed and
          fill it up. It may seem like a lot of work and a lot of bullshit,
          but it works, and it's worth it.

          Of course if you like fast food, find the geeks in your school,
          they usually work at McDonalds or Burger King or something like
          that, kinda 'buddy up' with them, and in no time you will be able
          to pressure them into giving you free food.

          The next one is rather fun, you go to your local payphone, call up
          say, Burger King, and start telling them about how they messed up
          your order, burned the burgers, gave you the wrong stuff. If you
          do it right, they will tell you to come in and get a replacement
          order. Now simply tell her what you want, and go pick it up, don't
          act like they are doing you a favor, act like you are doing THEM
          a favor by not suing them heh heh. The trick is NOT to order like
          25 whoppers and such, and dont tell them they screwed up the pop,
          because they will get suspicious. Last time we tried it, we got
          4 whoppers and 4 large fries, if they are busy enough they will
          even tell you they remember that order. When i went in to pick up
          the order the manager was there kissing my ass, telling me how they
          went and cleaned all the ovens, and how she made this batch just
          for me, and she even gave me some free cookies. This method works
          well with all fast food chains, especially when they get really
          busy. It will even work with certain pizza chains (Like Little
          Caesars, after you buy one, call them and tell them they gave you
          the wrong kind, tell them you wanted square and you got round or
          something, and the next time you order, it's free!).

         If you get really thirsty, just pay your local gas station a visit,
          you know the ones that keep racks of pop outside. If you go when
          it's dark, get about 2 other friends. The 2 friends go in there to
          ask directions or something while you go and grab some stuff.

         You can always try importing a bug into a resturaunt, put it in
          your food when you have eaten about half or so, and demand a free

         I have been told that you could go to certain stores, like K-Mart,
          Target, or others and you can take products off the shelf after
          Christmas, and go return them to get money! I have taken back
          items before to Target when i did not have my receipt, and was able
          to make an exchange.

        Anyways, I realize many of you people will find this stuff to be
incredibly obvious, but there are some saps out there that probably haven't
actually spent the 15 minutes it takes to think this stuff up. Anyhow,
Later till next time...

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