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Record Club Freebies

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                Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter #0049                 
          Date Released : [07/03/92]       Author: The RePo Man              
                           Record Club Freebies,                             

        Well how many of you have seen those neet0 little ads in the paper or
in magazines from BMG music club saying "8 cd's for the price of 1". Well what
they really mean is "we will send you 4 free ones, but you have to buy one at
our rip-off prices and we will keep bugging you and sendig you slips every week
that you have to send back or we will ship you some lame cd you don't want!".
Well i got my 4 cd's, and "forgot" to pay them their money. Well, It has been
about ohhh 10 months since i originally got my CD's and all they do is keep
sending me these things saying "You MUST pay now or we MAY sue you for the
money you owe us. We do not choose to sue everyone, but to be safe, please
pay the balance promptly" or some bullshit like that. The letter they sent
me was totally generic form so you know they must send out thousands every
day. And if you are a kid, Don't worry, they can't touch you. There are ways
to get around it. With the thousands of these forms they send out, They would
not make any more, in fact, they would lose money if they tried to sue even
1/10 of the people that owed the measly $15 or whatever it is they want me
to pay. I have received probably 10 of these letters so far, they all keep
threatening me with empty threats, telling me ooh they might send it to a
collection agency. Well how can they possibly make ANY money if they are
paying this collection agency to handle their big $15 debt I owe them? Oh
well We will wait and see. I doubt I will be going to court anytime soon
        Anyhow that is for that, Just SCAM as many CD's as you can off this
place, they are SOO lame thinking anyone will actually be stupid enough to
stay in their gay club and get ripped off majorly.
        Also, Be sure to call The new VaS 14.4k World HQ! Live Wire BBS (Down
at the bottom of the file)... They have around 2500 textfiles over there!
A Great Board To Check Out!

                   陳塚様様[ VaS DiSTRiBuTioN SiTeS ]様様幼陳
  BBS Name                 Number       Baud   Sysop                Title    
  LiVe WiRE BBS        (313)464-1470    14.4   Studmuffin          World HQ  
  PoT BBS              (313)462-1906    24oo   Phreak_Accident     World HQ  
  TcH BBS              (713)373-4031    14.4   One Meg Cacher      Dist. #1  
  Floating Pancreas    (305)551-0311    14.4   Majestic Cockster   Dist. #2  
  Phantasm III         (313)884-2617    14.4   Scavenger           Dist. #3  

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