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Ripping Off Zippo Lighters

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%	    -----
% RippinG 0fF Zippo's  %
%   BY |[xHostiLe]|    %
% LeadeR: CYbER-StrikE %

	This is my article on ripping off zippos. First of all, 
  get two of your friends to go down to the local Osco-Drugs or 
  wherever they have zippos. Keep in mind, this trick only works 
  on the plastic cases that spin around to view the zippos. OK, 
  second, look around the store for any cameras. If none are in 
  sight, thats obviously good, but does'nt necessarily mean there
  are none. Try looking behind the counter for any monitoring 
  screens. If you DO find a camera, have one of your friends stand
  in front of it. Third, have your other friend distract the 
  closest guy to the zippos. Fourth, this can be done two ways. 
  Spin the plastic case as hard as you can, and with success some 
  of the zippos should fall down to the hole where you spin it at. 
  Either grab a few of them and run, or just start speed walking 
  the second you spin it, then go back for them when you know the 
  coast is clear. Here is a diagram of the plastic case-

             |   ___        ___   |  ___
             |   |__|	    |__|  |  |__|=Zippos
             |        ___	  |
             |	      |__|        |
             |   ___	    ___   |
  (Side) --->|   |__|	    |__|  |<---(Side)
             |        ___	  |	
             |	      |__|        |
             |      ________      |
	               ^      ^
	               |      | 
    	               |      -----(Bottom) 
  (Hole where you spin the case. This is where you will get the 

  This is a relativly safe way to rip off some 
  zippos. Don't be a dumbass and do it more then once to each 
  store. It's smart to check if the store has constant security
  where someone is always watching over the cameras, or if 
  the store only reviews the tapes if something comes up missing.
  And another thing to be careful of is the electronic bars 
  sometimes attached to store items that triger the alarm when you 
  take it past the two big black stands on each side of the 
  entrance. However this is'nt a big concern since you will 
  probobly be running at the time anyways! It is smart to have a
  friend waiting in a car outside for you as well. It should go 
  like this-

  *Look for security camers. If any are found, have one friend
  block you from the camera. Look behind the counter for any 
  monitoring screens. Find out if the store has constant
  security, where there is always someone watching over the 
  cameras. If they don't use constant security and only view
  the tapes when something comes up missing, you're not gonna get caught.
  *Have your other friend distract the guy closest to the zippos.
  *Spin the case as hard as you can, grap the zippos and take off.
  White boyz CAN run!
  *Spin the case as hard as you can, and run the second you do so.
  Then come back to get the zippos when the coast is clear. Note:
  If a employee knows what you did, he's going to set the zippos
  back up and probobly not going to be to happy if you come back. If you
  take the second way, speed walk to another isle, and come back in 5 
  minutes or whenever.

	Don't forget about only doing it once to each store and
  electronic stickers that setoff the alarm at the door, if any.

  Well, that makes for another article. PeAcE-

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