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Building a TV xmitter

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An original text file from the f to the b to the phreak...also known as eff_be.  
Peter Liethen helped my ass with exactly what parts need to be used.

			How to Build a Tv Transmitter

Disclaimer: You're doin the transmittin bro. It IS pretty easy to get caught, so
if if you do it be CAREFUL and paranoid.  So you're responsible for your actions bro.  
I'm just writin about it.  Also, if you're a racist, stop reading this motherfucker.

Now to the instructions: 

Ok, makin a tv transmitter is pretty easy with a little electronix knowledge and 
some cash to buy all the shit.

Allright, go over to your local Radio Shack and get this shiaht bro:

* 1 RF Modulator
* A Cable Amp with the most gain you can find (tis important)
* Discone HAM/Scanner antenna (this shit is CAN also be used to pirate radio...these 
  are damn good antennas if you get it from a nice scanner; Uniden bearcat etc...)
* Coaxal Cablin'

* First Major Part: 

	The RF mod. can be any type, one from a vcr etc..., or one of Radio Shack's 
RF mod.'s for just as long as it makes a weak signal that can be amplified "x" channel 
it outputs on, is the channel you shall be brodcastin on.  They're bout $20.

* Second Major Part:

	The weakest part in the trans. is the cable amp., so try to get the strongest 
one you can find.  uhh...So get a distrabution amp. with the highest output andonly has 
1 output connector.  Go through that big book radio shack has that list's the parts, look 
for cable amps, dist. amps etc...  (Sometimes Radio Shack doesn't have this shit in stock, 
so get it ordered, or go somewhere else).

* Third Major Part:

	The Discone antenna is the part of parts to this shit. This is the output end of 
your tv trans aka your tv station. If it's tuned to workin the 6 meter ham (amateur radio) band, 
it'll work fine.  Your scanner antenna should work fine for it.

(oh yeah by the way, make sure you have a little experience with this type of 
communications...you'll definateley understand it better)


This is a real simple diagram for you.  At least you can understand it if your stoned right
now.  Allright.

	RF Input/VCR-----------Cable TV Amp----------Discone Antenna

Directions: Take the output of the RF Modulator, run it thru the cable amp. and then run it up 
to the antenna.  Pretty easy.

Funked up tips on not gettin caught: So, transmittin your pirate tv IS ILLEGAL AS HELL!  
Seriously, be careful.  Keep your broadcast Equal to or under 5 min.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day.  I'm off to the muthaship.


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