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Getting HBO or The Playboy Channel for free

This is a method just learned on how to
get HBO or Playboy channel for free. The only requriments is a Viacom
(whoops) is a Scientific Atlanta Cable hook up with remote. I think the 
are avaible on request from Viacom or somthing like 2 bucks a month.
Well anyways if its the same the buttons on the remote should be PROG
RCL AUTH Off arrows and a numeric keypad. now all you do is first turn
to the channel after the one you want selected. then on the reciving box
hold down the off and down arrow key together. On the box the led
display should be wacked but the channel should remain the same. Now
while holding the buttons down push the down arrow on the remote and the
channel should come in unscrambled. Cute trick. 

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