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Cable TV Descr4mbling

           Cable Descrambling
     If you have cable TV but are not
fortunate enough to have the Premium
services, here is a simple way to steal
Cinemax, The Movie Channel, Showtime,
the Disney Channel, and any other
service that appears as a bussing fuzzy
picture (that you can ALMOST get
clearly by fine tuning). This method
also works on channels that appear as a
lined flashing screen that produce a
beeping sound. These channels are not
scrambled, but instead a garbage
transmission is sent at the same
frequency. Therefore, in order to
receive the movie servcices clearly,
you must filter out the garbage.
Here is a simple way to do this:
     Examine the back of your TV set.
Find the VHF antenna terminals (these
are the antenna terminals that the
cable service is hooked up to). Get a
piece of antenna wire (about 3 feet
long). Strip one end of the wire and
and attach it to the VHF terminals
along with the cable. Tune in to one of
the movie services and adjust the fine
tuner until you get the cleanest
picture. Cut off about 1/4 inch of the
antenna wire and adjust the fine tuner.
Continue to do this until you get a
nearly perfect picture (you should not
have to cut off more than 6 inches of
the antenna wire). Get a piece of
aluminum foil and wrap it around the
antenna wire slide it up and down until
you have a perfect picture. This is a
simple yet effective way to get movies
for free. 
     More in depth information on
descramblers and converters may be
obtained by writing CABLE FACTS, Box
711-R, Pataskala, OH 43062. They have
an excellent publication available for
     Also write to RANDOM ACCESS, Box
41770R, Phoenix, AZ 85080. Ask for
their Subscription TV Manual that deals
with video scrambling techniques.


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