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Cable TV Piracy For Apartment Dwellers.


If you live in an apartment and you want to steal cable TV here is
the information you may need.

Before stealing cable, look in some cable outlet boxes where you and
your neighbors are hooked up and get a good idea of what everything
looks like. Read the following very carefully so you know what you're 
talking about. Most cable theft requires speed and experience, because
you are required to interrupt others service during your Splice Job if
splicing is required.  Read especially the information about "terminators"
and about "splitters". Get some connectors and the tools and some wire 
to practice on first before attempting to splice coaxial wire. Splicing is a 
bitch. There are two different size cable TV wires too, so get both
size connectors and wires. The barrel connectors and splitters are one
size fits all.

 COAXIAL CONNECTORS (both sizes) RG58,RG11
 Crimper Tool (if necessary for your style of connectors)
 BARREL CONNECTORS (just in case)
 RG58,RG11 wire to practice on, and make short jumpers you can always use
        on your VCR later on.
 Vice Grips (to remove terminators with)
 Wire cutters (big ones if you got 'em)
 Pocket Knife (SHARP) to cut the insulation with, boyscout knife is perfect
 BandAids (for when you cut your thumb. Good splicing requires thumb blood)
 Small Flash light (one you can hold in your teeth)WHY DA YA THINK!
 Splitters (two way cable TV splitters) DO NOT GET BIGGER THAN A "TWO WAY"
 Some other shit (I proably forgot something) Maybe a wrench that fits
    the connectors. They may be tight.

Method 1.
        Find the outdoor box where the cable TV hookups are.  Unscrew the
        terminators (caps that block unused screw-ons)
        and using your hand, then pliers or wrench, carefully screw
        YOUR cable wire on. (use vice grips to get off the terminators).
        Avoid removing other people's wires. The cable company sometimes
        uses terminators that have threads on both ends. So if it looks
        like you're plugged in, your wire might just be screwed onto a 
        terminator. Terminators are little shiny things no bigger than a 
        spark plug.  To remove ones that are screwed down with the cable  
        company special wrench, just clamp vice grips on it tighter and
        tighter and tigher till you smash it, then it will usually 
        permit itself to be unscrewed.  Terminators are required by
        law to be on unused signal spighots (tits) to prevent the TV
        signals from radiating (leaking) out. Usually they require a
        special wrench to remove/install, but vice grips are the universal
        wrench for them once you squeeze them flat.  They usually take
        unused cable TV wires for that outlet and screw it on top of
        the terminator so it looks like you're hooked-up and to keep
        the moisture out of the connector.  Terminators are usually
        3 inches of less in length, are gold, or a dull alumium color, and
        very light in weight.
        Traps are different. Traps are about 5 inches long, heavy and
        VERY shiny, and you either add one to get a pay channel,(positive 
        trap) or take one out (negative trap) to get a pay channel.(see 
        advanced cable piracy). You can remove some traps to get special 
        channels, or you can order them in the mail from pirate places
        to get special channels. The one you order may look different
        than a cable company one, so don't use in a public access box.
        They really aren't worth buying.

        Use a light but deliberate and careful touch with the wires,
        sometimes just handling the wires may make a bad connection
        come apart.

        TIP: If all the spighots are filled up, and you need to install
             a splitter to get the signal, well remove somebody else
             from the spithots, and put THEM and somebody else on the 
             splitter, this way you get a better picture, and it will
             look like they did the dirty work. If somebody else is on 
             a splitter, don't ad another splitter into the line, it
             may reduce their signal too much. Adding splitters reduces
             signal strength.

        Best Bet.  Look at the things in various cable TV hookup boxes
        outside your buildings to get a handle on the territory
        before attempting the piracy.

Method 2.
        If you live in a highrise building, you may be in luck.
        Look in your closets. If you find cable TV wires (coaxial wires)
        cut one clean in two, use a cable TV connector Crimper and put
        fresh connectors on each cable end and screw a splitter in the
        line.  Get the tools and some wire from radio shack etc before
        you do this. It requires a knife and some practice to splice
        cable tv wires quickly.  Don't cut your thumb off. The worse that
        can happen is you can't get the wires spliced back together
        and the cable company has to come fix them. 

Method 3.
        Unscrew the cable tv switch plate from the wall behind the TV and
        look in there for extra wires.  Your neighbors may be in there going
        the other direction.

Method 4.
        If you live in a Condo. Look for wires running across your
        basement ceiling. Splice into one with a splitter.

     If you don't have a cable ready set, get a cheap converter box from
     a mail order company in the back of RadioElectronics magazine. Avoid
     buying bootleg descrambling equipment. Just a regular old box, or
     cable ready set should get you a lot of stuff. 

Note: When splicing cable tv wire, get some "barrel connectors" too. If you
      splice into a line that is dead (or doesn't have HBO) splice it
      back together with a barrel connector, and then try cutting into
      another wire.  Do your cutting quickly and cleanly so the people 
      you interrupt from cable TV service don't get around to calling
      the cable company for a service call.  Most folks won't call in for
      a 3 or 4 minute interruption. Practice PRACTICE PRACTICE SPLICING  
      BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT IT ON A LIVE WIRE.  Even a PRO may take up to
      3 minutes to do two splices sometimes.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some Cable TV systems use 2 slightly different size coaxial
              wires. RG58 and RG11 (I think). Get connectors for both
              ATTEMPTING TO CUT A LIVE SERVICE WIRE. Radio shack has
              all you need.  Buy all your shit there, including the 
              crimpers.  When you're done with your dirty work, you 
              can always take the crimpers back for a refund. Some
              connectors don't require crimpers. Be sure that the connectors
              you buy, fit the crimper you buy, AND FIT THE WIRE IN USE
              in your building.

Technical Shit.

        When you install a splitter in the line, each guy connected to 
        the output side out that splitter, now has 3.5 less Decibels of
        signal to work with.  If you add another splitter, it drops again
        and again.  If you have too little signal you get a shitty picture.
        Avoid using splitters with more than two output spighots.  Splitters
        that have 1 input and say 6 outputs are actually internally a bunch
        of splitters put together. If you use a regular 2 way splitter, 
        each guy looses 3.5 Decibels of signal, if you use, a splitter
        with 4 outputs, well each guy hooked up looses 7 decibels of signal
        this time.  If you split it too much, the people in the building
        might call to complain to the cable company.


        Cut the wire clean with big wire cutters. With a sharp pocket knife
   in one hand and the wire in the other, roll the wire against the knife
   by twisting the hand holding the wire opposite the knife hand which
   kind of twists a little too. Twist until your knife hits the center
   conductor wire on the coaxial wire. Remove all the bullshit by
   pulling it strait off, and cut the center wire to about a 1/4 inch or
   so.  Then go back about a quarter inch and SLOWLY and carefully roll
   the knife and wire until you cut off JUST THE OUTTER insulation and
   then pull it off.  Practice until you get it right.  You can make
   tons of VCR chords and shit like that until you get good at it.

Oh and this shit is illegal... you didn't think we advocated this type
of shit did you???????????????


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