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Bypassing Copyguard on rental videos

Bypassing CopyGuard on rented videos

:       Question to all:   How does it work?   On the videos that you get
: from the video store have some sort of signal on it that make it
: impossible to record?  I have a new model VCR that will not allow me to
: record anything, and I also have a very old VCR that will allow me to
: record videos that I get from Video Stores.  I was wondering if there was
: something that the newer VCR have that the older ones did.  Hmmmmm How
: does this work?   Anyone?

ok, here it is in a nutshell:

   Quite a few new videos have CopyGuard protection put on them.. Where,
   if you try to copy them, the colors are all fucked up and other annoying
   stuff. BUT if you want to copy Rented Flicks, heres what ya do:

   First, go to The Sharper Image and buy for $29.99 the RXII Digital
   Video Stabilizer. (this will remove the CopyGuard signal from the

   Then get a slew of RCA cables.. and have the cables going like so:

   -  NewVCR: From VIDEO OUT to IN on RXII
   -  NewVCR: From AUDIO OUT to AUDIO IN on OldVCR
   -  RXII  : From OUT to VIDEO IN on OldVCR

   Now yer all set to play the movie on NewVCR and tape it on OldVCR and
   remember, the RXII uses a 9-volt battery inside!! (will last about a
   year) and yer all set. Now if you have a Stereo Surround setup.. u need
   two Stereo Hi-Fi VCR's to record the Surround Tracks on the tape.. but
   if you dont, then what you have will work fine.

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