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Free Cable

how to get free cable - by: m1ll3nn1um - written on: 07/11/03

are you just stuck with crappy ass basic cable? do you want 
metv and some of the other speciality channels? this is your
one in a lifetime chance. first go outside when nobody is
around. look for your cable reley box. it should be green.
but there are some cylindrical ones and they are locked. you 
can either open it with a hex key (is that what you call it?)
or run and kick it (the method i use). but if your box is one
of those tall rectangular ones (green or reddish coloured)
you need a hex key or a really strong friend. one time my
friend and i started pushing it real hard and it opened. we
just messed up the thing by pushing it. and there are some
boxes that are old and you can just open it by lifting the
cover off. once you get the unit open you'll see that there
are these silver tubes. look for the cable with your house
number on it and take off the tubes on it. be sure to remember
to reconnect the cables. one thing you might consider is giving
everybody around your house free cable. that is important
because when rogers comes looking around and notices that you
are stealing cable, you're screwed. when you give everybody free
cable, rogers wont know who did it. but if you are the only one 
with basic cable and after you remove the tubes and rogers comes
knocking at your door just make up some excuse one day you got
those channels. i hope you found reading this file helpful.

by: m1ll3nn1um

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