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How to watch a pay movie in a hotel for free

                        Bad Ass Retards
                         (what a deal!)

     Did 'jever have an urge to watch a pay movie in a hotel when
there is nothing else 2 do?  Of course you did.  So you go and say
to your mom, "Mom, can I get one of these here pay movies tonight?" 
And she says, no!  It will be cheaper to rent it when we get back
home.  Jeeze, u say to yourself, all I wanted to watch was `two
cocks on pussy'.  Oh, well.

     Well here is how u watch a good deal of it, 4 free.  It really
helps to have two people, but that doesn't really matter.
First, switch the tv to channel 3 (or whatever it needs to b on). 
Then press one of the (usually 4 or 5) buttons on the pay box. 
This lets u get a sneak peek of a movie for about 5 secs.  Then,
click.  Back to regular 11 o'clock news.  

     This is how to get past that.  After it clicks you off,
quickly unplug and then plug in the tv, and do the process over
again to view the free seconds worth.  After doing this a number of
times, u might notice a change happening.  U see more and more for
free.  Last time I tried this, my friends and I got about 45
minutes worth of some cheesy porno flick.  Pretty cool, considering
u can see a lot in 45 mins.  Good luck.  It should (will) work!

Done for BAR.
               COURTESY of IRIE MAN

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