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Video Resource Guide

Archive-name: rec-video/resource-guide-faq
Rec-video-archive-name: resource-guide-faq
Version: $Id: RESOURCE_GUIDE,v 1.10 1994/02/15 22:48:35 long Exp $

RESOURCE GUIDE for rec.video and VIDEOTECH readers.

This resource guide should help to forestall frequently asked
questions as well as provide a lot of video related network
trivia in one place.

This version has been reformatted to 65 columns on the
advice of Frank J. Wancho

There are reports of a BBS providing a file listing a catalog
of laserdiscs available (similar to the Laser Video File book).
If this list is available on the networks or the BBS has the
listing up and available at a phone number yet let me know.

Help me supply some of the ????? marked data (especially phone
numbers)!!!  & more books of record (ISBN #s), high-end
magazines & newsletters.

ARCHIVES                     (Public FTP/E-Mail Repositories)
SERVERS:WWW,Gophers,WAIS     (Internet Information Services)
SWITCHING CHANNELS           (other electronic forums)
PHONE NUMBERS                (toll and toll free directory)


The number of regular and semi-regular FAQ and Survey postings
in rec.video has been expanding rapidly into specialty niches.

1.      US/CA Consumer Video FAQ for rec.video/VIDEOTECH

        Primarily oriented towards the United States and
        Canadi{an,en} consumer video neophyte.  Posted around
        the middle of each month by H. Morrow Long
        (Long-Morrow@CS.Yale.EDU).  Should be released around
        the same time as this RESOURCE GUIDE I hope.....
        Available via anonymous ftp in sparky.cs.yale.edu:pub/rec.video

2.      Worldwide TV Standards FAQ

        Bevis King's rec.video/VIDEOTECH Frequently Asked
        Questions and answers list relating to multistandard
        (PAL,NTSC,SECAM...) video.  Posted monthly I believe.
        (I haven't seen a copy recently)
        Send correspondence to B.King@ee.surrey.ac.uk
        Available via anonymous ftp in sparky.cs.yale.edu:pub/rec.video

3.      Antenna FAQ list

        Bill Ranck's FAQ list for TV antennas made a premiere
        debut 2 Aug 91.  Please send any
        additions/corrections/brickbats to:  RANCK@VTVM1.BITNET
        (I have only seen one or two copies ever.)
        Available via anonymous ftp in sparky.cs.yale.edu:pub/rec.video

4.      Photographic Equipment/Video Mail Order Company Survey

        Douglas Blondin's survey posted to rec.photo & rec.video
        around the first of each month.  Send updates/input to

5.      Top Videodisc Sales: For 2 Weeks Ending Month Day, Year

        The Vidiot's bi-weekly listing of the top 25 LD's sold
        in the US by rank as well as a list of new LD releases
        (with prices) by the issuing label.

        This posting may be moving to rec.video.releases now?

6.      Bob Niland's postings on LaserDisc, IDTV and projection
        screen systems are definitive.  Here is a list of
        available titles:

        1.  Introduction to Laser Video Disc.  Contains info on
            LD that you won't easily find anywhere else.
                Revised: 17 Oct 91
        2.  Introduction to imported LDs.
                Revised: 24 Mar 91
        3.  Introduction to surround sound.
                Revised: 06 Nov 91
        4.  LD media quality report.
                Revised: 30 Mar 91
        5.  How to return a defective LD to Pioneer.
                Revised: 17 Sep 90
        6.  Introduction to Criterion Collection.
                Revised: 26 Aug 91
        7.  Current Voyager Press (Criterion Collection) catalog
                summary, Revised: Monthly
        8.  LD loaning agreement.
                Revised: 05 Mar 90
        9.  Identifying LD mint marks.
                Revised: 05 Nov 91
        10. LD "Best Practices" suggestions for producers.
                Revised: 21 Jul 91
        11. <no longer supplied>
        12. CAV still-frame: ramblings on 3-2 pull-down and
                white flags.  Revised: 04 Nov 91
        13. LD care and repair.
                Revised: 06 Jan 91
        14. LD retail sources: national mail order and
                Colorado.  Revised: 21 Oct 91
        15. A summary of articles on IDTV.
                Revised: 25 Mar 91
        16. Looking back: CED
                Revised: 21 Oct 91
        17. What is a "defect"?
                Revised: 23 Oct 91
        ??.  Long awaited :-) paper on aspect ratios.
                Revised: real soon now

        They are often posted to rec.video, you can also request
        them from Bob Niland via Email (rjn@FC.HP.COM).


[Editor's Notes on Internet Anonymous FTP sites:        ]
[                                                       ]
[ 1.    ftp hostname.subdomain.domain                   ]
[                                                       ]
[       if the hostname is unknown or otherwise appears ]       
[       not to work try using the numeric IP address    ]
[       instead, ie. :                                  ]
[                                                       ]
[               ftp                          ]
[                                                       ]
[ 2.    supply the word 'anonymous' in response to the  ]
[       'login' or username prompt unless otherwise     ]
[       indicated.  The username 'ftp' will often work  ]
[       also on some Unix(tm) machines.                 ]
[                                                       ]
[ 3.    supply your login name and hostname with an 'at']
[       sign between then (E-Mail form) in response to  ]
[       the 'password' prompt.  Actually you can type in]
[       anything as the password for anonymous ftp but  ]
[       it is considered good form to supply 'user@host']
[ 4.    Once logged in you should do a 'dir' or 'ls' to ]
[       look around.  Often you will want to change your]
[       working directory to the subdirectory 'pub' with]
[       the FTP user command 'cd pub'.                  ]
[ 5.    Often there will be a file called 'readme' -    ]
[       in lower, upper or mixed case, sometimes with an]
[       extension such as '.txt'.  If you want to read  ]
[       it on the screen rather than download it to your]
[       disk most FTP implementations allow the cmd:    ]
[               get readme -                            ]
[                                                       ]
[       If you leave off the dash the file will be saved]
[       to disk.  If you supply a different name it will]
[       be used as the name of the file to write to.    ]
[                                                       ]
[ 6.    To leave most FTP client programs (ie. the glass]
[       tty BSD-derived versions not the whizbang GUI & ]
[       menu/button based versions now out) type 'quit'.]
[                                                       ]
[                                                       ]

7.      Public FTP repository @ SIMTEL20  (rec.video posts as
        VIDEOTECH digests)

        The VIDEOTECH archives are currently kept in
        PD2:<ARCHIVES.VIDEOTECH>.  The current month's
        correspondence is kept in VIDEOTECH-ARCHIV.TXT.
        Previous months' are in yy-mm.n-TXT or yy-mm.n-TXT-Z
        files, where yy is the last two digests of the year, mm
        is the month, and n is the sequence number of the file
        for that month.  (The files are no larger than about
        385,000 bytes, except for possibly the current month,
        which may be much larger.)

        If you have access to ftp, use that.  Otherwise, the
        files are accessible through the LISTSERV/TRICKLE
        mechanisms for BITNET/EARN readers, and *may* be
        sub-archived somewhere on BITNET as well.

        simtel20.army.mil is also known as host
        wsmr-simtel20.army.mil and is IP host on
        the Internet (well MILnet actually).

        [credit: "Frank J. Wancho"

8.      Public FTP repository @ sparky.CS.Yale.EDU (FAQs and tidbits)

        You can obtain a current copy of this file and several
        of the FAQs (that I have obtained permission to
        distribute such as the Antenna & Worldwide FAQs) as well
        as other resources via anonymous ftp to sparky.CS.Yale.EDU, aka look at file pub/rec.video/README

        Ac domain systems I have
        found for making VHS cassette labels (one is in TeX
        format, the other is in PostScript(tm)) I will make them

8A.     Wavelet Algorithm Compression Papers and Code
        Repository ftp://MATH.YALE.EDU

        If you are interested in video (and audio) compression
        methods you might want to take a look at the work of the
        Yale Mathematics Department's Numerical Algorithms
        Research Group.  Wavelets and wavelet packets are an
        interesting approach to obtaining fantastic compression
        rates for some types of audio and video (in electronic
        still form) data.  Get the pub/README file.

        math.yale.edu is IP host on the
9.      VCR+ code reverse engineering Public FTP Repository
        At XXXX - [information removed per request ]

10.     High End Audio Public FTP Repository @CSD4.csd.uwm.edu

        Archives of digests (see INFO-HIGH-AUDIO mail list) and
        various projects in the anonymous ftp high-end directory.

        csd4.csd.uwm.edu (aka csd4.milw.wisc.edu) is IP
        hosts and on the Internet.

11.     IR remote computer control proj. FTP@mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu

        Plans for the 'Zapper' (a computer controlled IR remote)
        as well as a description of the Sony Control-S&L
        protocols/interfaces, some code for the above and
        descriptions of modifications that can be made to video
        gear (Sony Sl-HF900, Panasonic AG1960, etc.).
        FTP to host mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu, cd /video, get readme

        mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu is IP host on the

        [credit: tmkk@uiuc.edu (K. Khan) & 
                 engwall@mtha.usc.edu (Ralph Engwall)]

12.     Movie Review FTP Repository @LCS.MIT.EDU

        Reviews of theatrical films are available in the
        anonymous ftp subdirectory movie-reviews on
        host LCS.MIT.EDU (Internet IP host
        I suggest getting (and reading) the README, FAQL
        and INDEX* files first to find the particular
        review(s) you desire.

        BTW, if you are on the Internet and have an auto-
        mounter running or are privileged you can NFS
        mount lcs.mit.edu (read-only) and experience much
        nicer (than FTP) browsing of the files:

        sparky% cd /net/lcs.mit.edu/common/movie-reviews
        sparky% ls
        00xx.dir        06xx.dir        FAQL
        01xx.dir        07xx.dir        FAQL.SF
        02xx.dir        08xx.dir        INDEX0001-1000
        03xx.dir        09xx.dir        INDEX1001-2000
        04xx.dir        10xx.dir        README
        05xx.dir        11xx.dir
        sparky% grep -i terminator INDEX*
        griffith@dweeb.fx.com (Jim Griffith)
        sksircar@phoenix.princeton.edu (Subrata Sircar)
        rsnappy%triton.unm.edu@ariel.unm.edu (Roger Snappy Rubio)
        leeper@mtgzy.att.com (Mark R. Leeper)
        frankm@microsoft.UUCP (Frank MALONEY)
        blj@mithrandir.cs.unh.edu (Brian L. Johnson)
        sparky% more 10xx.dir/1056 10xx.dir/1057 10xx.dir/1058
                 10xx.dir/1059 10xx.dir/1076 10xx.dir/1077
        Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.reviews
        Path: cbnewsj!ecl
        From: griffith@dweeb.fx.com (Jim Griffith)
        Expires: Sun, 4 Aug 1991 13:00:00 GMT
        Reply-To: griffith@dweeb.fx.com (Jim Griffith)
        Organization: FXD/Telerate, Mountain View, CA
        Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1991 14:27:23 GMT
        Approved: ecl@cbnewsj.att.com
        Message-ID: <1991Jul7.142723.13581@cbnewsj.cb.att.com>
        Followup-To: rec.arts.movies
        Summary: r.a.m.r. #01056
        Keywords: author=Griffith
        Sender: ecl@cbnewsj.cb.att.com (Evelyn C. Leeper)
        Lines: 125
                                   TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY

        [credit: consp24@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu 
                 (Gregg William Riedel)]

SERVERS:WWW,Gophers,WAIS     (Internet Information Services)
*** NEW! 1994   BEGIN


        - a great description of MPEG when you can access it

        - CIE Color Information 

A fantastic Film and Video Internet resource list published Dec 15, 93:

        - You want definitely want this.

*** NEW! 1994   END

13.     "used" CD server (can also be used for listing/buying
        LDs, CDVs and audio/video tapes).  E-Mail queries against

        For information about this service, send a message to
        the following electronic mail address with the string
        HELP as the only word in the subject field.  The address
        in Internet domain format is :


        [credit: John Mc jmclachlan@draper.com]

14.     Barr Digital Online Laser Disc Database

        BBS: THE LIBRARY in Seattle, WA
        +1-206-641-7978 (8 lines in, baud rates
                         supported unknown)

        The operators of Barr Digital (LD store) were
        supposed to put their online LD listing on this
        BBS system.  Can someone verify this for me?
        And/or tell us if the list is also available on the
        [credit: wlrc@uhura.neoucom.EDU (William R. Cruce)]

15.     Related USENET-type newsgroups and Internet maillists:

        !!!! News Flash !!!!

        I have sent a message calling for a Request For
        Discussion for the creation of a new newsgroup
        rec.video.production to the moderator of the newsgroup
        news.announce.newgroups.  It should also be cross- posted
        in rec.video and news.groups as well as a few other
        places I thought might be interested.

        The discussion should take place in in news.groups (re:
        naming of the new group, what hierarchy it should be
        under - ie. rec, sci or misc - and the reason it should

        Look for the appearence of the RFD and join in
        the discussion if you have intelligent comments.  After
        a month long discussion period there should be a voting
        period on the new Usenet newsgroup.

        Permanent newgroups :

  alt.3d                3D imaging, companion to 3d mailing list.
  alt.binaries.multimedia Animations, scripts, aud/vid clip art.
  alt.cult-movies       Movies with a cult following (e.g. Rocky
                        Horror,Highlander,Heathers,Blade Runner)
  alt.karaoke           worldwide karaoke discussion newsgroup
  alt.sex.movies        Pretty obvious, right?  NC-17, Adult XXX
  alt.tv.*              Discussions of TV shows, subgroups: 
                        muppets, prisoner, simpsons, tiny-toon, 
  aus.films             Australian films.
  bit.listserv.cinema-l Discussions on all forms of Cinema
  bit.listserv.film-l   Film making and reviews List.
  clari.news.movies     Reviews, news and stories on movie stars.
  clari.news.tv         TV schedules, news, reviews & stars.
  clari.tw.electronics  Electronics makers and sellers (Moderated
  comp.graphics         Computer graphics, art, animation,
                        image proc.
  comp.graphics.digest  Graphics s/w, h/w, theory, etc. Moderated
  comp.ivideodisc       Interactive videodiscs -- uses, potential
  comp.multimedia       Interactive multimedia technologies of
                        all kinds
  comp.sys.amiga.multimedia     Animations, video, & multimedia.
  fj.comp.image         Computer graphics, art, animation, 
                        image proc. From Japan.
  fj.rec.animation      Discussion about animated movies. -Japan.
  fj.rec.av             High fidelity audio and video components.
  fj.rec.movies         Reviews and discussions of movies. -Japan
  fj.rec.photo          (some talk of still video photography) ""
  fj.rec.tv             Talk about Television and its shows.   ""
  misc.forsale          Postings of equipment and media for sale.
  rec.arts.animation    Discussion of various kinds of animation.
  rec.arts.anime        Japanese animation fen discussion.
  rec.arts.cinema       Discussion of the art of cinema.Moderated
  rec.arts.disney       Discussion of any Disney-related
  rec.arts.misc         Discussions about the arts not
                        in other groups.
  rec.arts.movies       Discussions of movies and movie making.
s of movies. (Moderated)
  rec.arts.sf.movies    Reviews of Science Fiction movies.
  rec.arts.sf.tv        Reviews of Science Fiction television shows.
  rec.arts.tv*          The boob tube,its history,past &
                        current shows.
  rec.audio             Often cross-postings of interest.
  rec.audio.high-end    ""
  rec.games.video       Discussion about video games.
  rec.games.video.arcade  Discussions about coin-operated
                        video games.
  rec.music.video       Discussion of music videos and
                        music video s/w
  rec.photo             (still video photography, mail
                        order stores)
  rec.video.cable-tv    Technical and regulatory issues
                        of cable television.
  rec.video.production  new group hopefully..
  rec.video.releases    discussions of video releases &
                        transfers, new.
  rec.video.satellite   Subgroup of rec.video for TVRO,
                        DBS, etc.
  sci.electronics       Often has discussions at a deeper
                        technical level on video topics.

        Mailing Lists :

[Editor's Notes on network mailing lists:               ]
[                                                       ]
[ 1.    BITNET LISTSERV mailing lists                   ]
[                                                       ]
[       To subscribe to a BITNET listserv list you      ]
[       should usually E-Mail (unless you are on a true ]
[       BITNET node and know how to use the other means ]
[       of listserv enrollment I won't cover here) a    ]
[       message to the LISTSERV address at a BITNET     ]
[       hostname.  If your local E-Mail system doesn't  ]
[       support the .BITNET psuedo-domain hack (ie. find]
[       a mail gateway to the BITNET for your message)  ]
[       then you will need to modify the any BITNET     ]
[       addresses below to use your closest UUCP/USENET ]
[       or Internet gateway to the BITNET.  Change the  ]
[       'at' sign (@) in the BITNET addresses below to a]
[       'percent' sign (%) and append an 'at' sign (@) &]
[       the hostname of the gateway to the BITNET, ie:  ]
[               DUMMY-L%SOMEHOST@CunyVM.CUNY.EDU        ]
[                                                       ]
[       In the body of the message (usually the first   ]
[       line,you can put it on the subject line as well ]
[       just for fun) you should put only the text:     ]
[                                                       ]
[       SUB LIST-L Your Name                            ]
[                                                       ]
[       where LIST-L is the name of the mailing list and]
[       Your Name is your full name (Firstname Lastname ]
[       as opposed to your account, login name or E-Mail]
[       address).  To unsubscribe send the message:     ]
[                                                       ]
[       UNSUB LIST-L                                    ]
[                                                       ]
[       To get a list of previous articles/digests and  ]
[       other files that may be archived you can often  ]
[       send the following command :                    ]
[                                                       ]
[       INDEX LIST-L                                    ]
[                                                       ]
[       You can then usually retrieve files you wan     ]
[       with a message of the form :                    ]
[                                                       ]
[       GET LIST-L filename                             ]
[                                                       ]
[ 2.    Internet mailing lists                          ]
[                                                       ]
[       To subscribe (and unsubscribe) to an Internet   ]
[       mailing list you usually mail to the list's     ]
[       E-Mail address and add the string "-Request" to ]
[       it (ie. HDTV-LD-Lovers@Foo.Bar.EDU becomes      ]
[       HDTV-LD-Lovers-Request@Foo.Bar.EDU).            ]
[                                                       ]
[       Many of the Internet mailing lists are fed into ]
[       Usenet newsgroups if you would rather read news ]
[       that way (and cut down on E-Mail net traffic).  ]
[                                                       ]


                A mailing list to discuss stereo photography
                (& cinematography and video) is now forming.
                The above address is the contact for
                subscribing ( uunet!bfmny0!3d-request is a
                UUCP/Usenet form of the above address).


                The Audio Discussion List is an unmoderated list
                that was formed to discuss all audio-related
                Subscription address : LISTSERV@VMTECMEX.BITNET
                "" message body text : SUB AUDIO-L My Name


                Cable TV digest mailing list submissions.  To
                join send E-Mail to catv-request@quack.sac.ca.us
                [credit: Nick Sayer mrapple@quack.sac.ca.us]


                To join Email list for European LaserDisc Users.
                [credit: B.King@ee.surrey.ac.uk]


                Listserv mailing list to discuss filmmaking and
                movies as an art form (among other subjects).
                Subscription address : LISTSERV@VMTECMEX.BITNET
                "" message body text : SUB FILM-L My Name


                High end audiophile discussions from the
                component to the speaker placement & room layout
                layers.  I believe that this mailing list and
                the Usenet newsgroup rec.audio.high-end carry
                the same messages (they have back-end feeds to
                each other).  To join send E-Mail to
                INFO-HIGH-AUDIO-REQUEST@CSD4.csd.uwm.edu. For
                more information contact Thomas Krueger
                [credit: netinfo/interest-groups@ftp.nisc.sri.com]


                Unmoderated listserv mailing list to discuss
                multimedia subjects.  For more information
                contact Alejandro Kurczyn S.
                Subscription address : LISTSERV@VMTECMEX.BITNET
                "" message body text : SUB MMEDIA-L My Name

                Unmoderated listserv mailing list to discuss
                primarily issues related to the academic study
                of Film and Television.  For more information
                contact Jeremy Butler 
                ( JBUTLER@UA1VM.{BITNET,UA.EDU} ).
                Subscription address : LISTSERV@UA1VM.BITNET
                "" message body text : SUB SCREEN-L My Name

                Unmoderated listserv mailing list to discuss
                television shows and movies.  For more
                information contact Esra (ESRA@TREARN.BITNET).
                Subscription address : LISTSERV@TREARN.BITNET
                "" message body text : SUB TV-L My Name

                as an E-Mail address automatically forwards to
                the Usenet newsgroup rec.video.  The Internet
                VIDEOTECH digest is just a reflection of
                rec.video.  It's a facility for those of us who
                do not have (or don't want) direct access to
                Usenet.  To join see I-VIDTEK below, or send
                [credit: Selden Ball <seb@lns61.tn.cornell.edu>]


                A Bitnet Listserv mailing list that receives
                the VIDEOTECH digest.
                Subscription address : LISTSERV@UIUCVMD.BITNET
                "" message body text : SUB I-VIDTEK My Name
                [credit: Selden Ball <seb@lns61.tn.cornell.edu>
                [& Frank J. Wancho <WANCHO@WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL]

        VIDNET-L@UGA.BITNET ( aka VIDNET-L@uga.cc.uga.edu)

                The Video Network Discussion List is a list that
                was formed to discuss campus-wide video networks.
                For more info contact John R. Stephens, Jr. 
                ( JStephen@UGA.BITNET or JStephen@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU )
                Subscription address :  LISTSERV@UGA.BITNET
                "" message body text :  SUB VIDNET-L My Name


                This unmoderated list is set up to provide a
                forum for discussing extensions to the MIT X
                Window System to provide live and/or still
                video.  To subscribe users can send a message
                to : XVIDEO-REQUEST@EXPO.LCS.MIT.EDU.  
                For more info contact the X Consortium staff 
                ( LISTS-REQUEST@EXPO.LCS.MIT.EDU ).
16.     Commercial (for-profit) Electronic News forums on video
        related issues :

        CompuServe (has a couple)
          Broadcast Pro Forum            GO BPFORUM
          Consumer Elect. Forum          GO CEFORUM
          Journalism Forum               GO JFORUM
          Media Newsletters              GO MEDIANEWS
          (surcharged per article read)
          Multimedia Forum               GO MULTIMEDIA

                The Broadcast Professional forum covers TV,
                Radio, FCC rules, CATV, broadcast engineering,
                and has a jobs listing. The busiest part of this
                forum is usually the TV/Radio personalities
                column which talks about talent at various
                stations around the country.

                The Consumer Electronic forum covers audio and
                video, hardware and software, film, theatres,
                cable TV, satellite systems, telephone/fax
                products, mobile office/cellular and has a for
                sale column. Much busier forum than the pro
                        [credit : Steve Kreisel

        DELPHI (online information service)     1-800-544-4005
          "Videomaker Magazine's" VIDEO FORUM   1-617-491-3393
          Using computer & modem dial           1-800-365-4636
          Username : JOINDELPHI                 (Tymnet local
          access also)
          Password : VIDEOFORUM                 ($9.95 mem fee,
          $6/hr connect)


17.     "Users"/Enthusiasts Groups

        AVNN - Amateur Video News Network       1-800-521-1961

18.     Professional Associations

        SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and
                Television Engineeers),          595 W.
                Hartsdale Ave,
                                                 White Plains,
                                                 NY 10607.

                They publish an excellent series of books on all
                aspects of television engineering, including
                recording and the Journal of the Society will
                keep you up-to-date an the latest research and
                production technology.  You can also buy their
                books if you are not a member, write to them.
                SMPTE also publish Standards, Recommended
                Practices and Engineering Guidelines which are
                the industry's holy scriptures.
                [credit: AVFILM2@WATDCS.UWATERLOO.CA (Mark

PHONE NUMBERS                      (toll and toll free directory)
*** Phone numbers.  The editorial staff does not endorse or   ***
*** necessarily approve of any particular vendor by listing   ***
*** names and phone numbers here.  Similarly the omission of  ***
*** a particular vendor does not imply disapproval.  I have   ***
*** chosen not to list vendors that (soley or primarily make  ***
*** or sell) products that are not clearly legally available  ***
*** in all countries/states (ie. CATV converters/descramblers,***
*** MacroVision(TM) eliminators, etc.).                       ***

Credit to wlrc@uhura.neoucom.EDU (William R. Cruce) and
Larry Schwarcz <lrs@hpindzl.cup.hp.com> for sending me
many phone numbers since the last issue.

Bevis R W King is going to send me some UK and other Euronumbers
(soon????) to add.  Make sure you check the leading digits of
telephone numbers then BEFORE dialing or you may find yourself
running up big bills using the crossbars (or digital ISDN
equivalents) in EC PTT switches.

19.     Major Manufacturers/Vendors customer service phone #s:

  Canon                   800-892-0200
  Canon                   516-876-6500    parts-New York
  Canon                   714-850-6376    parts-Los
  Canon                   516-933-6300    info
  Chinon                  1-800-345-CHINON
  Funai USA Corp.         201-288-2666    parts, also Symphonic
  Fuji Ten Corp.          800-423-8161
   "                      213-513-0411
  General Electric        800-447-1700    24hr
  Goldstar                800-221-0404    parts New York (exc. NY
  Goldstar                718-786-2229    ""      "" (In NY)
  Goldstar                800-252-7788    ""    Chicago (exc. IL)
  Goldstar                800-537-6757    ""      "" (In IL)
  Goldstar                800-382-8222    ""      LA (exc. CA)
  Goldstar                213-721-2227    ""      "" (In CA)
  Goldstar                800-222-6457    service info
  Hitachi                 800-262-1502
   "                      213-537-8383
   "                      800-HITACHI     parts sale thru distrib
  J.C. Penney             800-527-7115    prefer serv agents only
  JVC                     800-252-5722    customer service
   "                      800-537-5722    service info
   "                      800-252-5722    Receivers, CD Players
   "                      800-526-5308    TVs, VCRs,
   "                      201-794-3900  (voice)
   "                      201-523-3601    (fax) "
  Mitsubishi (& Akai,MGA) 714-220-1464    offhours answering mach
   "                       800-553-PART   parts orders
   "                       714-220-4792   ""
  NEC                     800-366-5213    (also CompuServe E-Mail
   "                      708-860-0335    (addr : NHE:PARTSDEPT)
  Nikon                   ????????????
  Olympus Consumer Prod   800-433-0880
   "                      201-348-9090    customer service
   "                      800-447-4700    service info
  Panasonic Pro/Ind Vid   201-348-7620    Eastern Zone
   "                      708-981-4826    Central Zone
   "                      817-685-1117    Southern Zone: Dallas
   "                      404-925-6841    Southern Zone: Atlanta
   "                      206-285-8883    Western Zone: Seattle
   "                      714-373-7275    Western Zone: LA
  Philips +Magnavox
        +Crosley        800-851-8885 parts 8a-11p EST
        M-F, 9a-3:30p EST Sat
   ""                     615-475-0317    8a-8p EST M-F
  Pioneer                 800-628-7587    hotline
   "                      800-421-1404
   "                      800-457-2881    Parts/Manuals
  Proton                  800-829-3444
   "                      800-772-0172    info (outside CA)
   "                      800-428-1006    info (inside CA)
  RCA                     800-336-1900    24hr
  RCA/ProScan             800-PRO-SCAN    Proscan line
  Ricoh                   ????????????
  Sharp                   800-526-0264
   "                      201-512-0055
   "                      800-447-4400    service info
  Sony                    800-222-SONY    Toll-free info
   "                      201-930-SONY    East Coast US region
   "                      708-250-SONY    MidWest US region
   "                      714-821-SONY    West Coast US region
   "                      201-529-1655 NY service
   "                      201-529-1648 NY parts
   "                      818-842-7669 LA service
   "                      818-842-4002 LA parts
   "                      708-647-2400 Chicago service
   "                      708-647-2410 Chicago parts
   "                      816-891-7750 Sony service lit.  (mainly
  Tandy/Radio Shack       800-442-2425    Parts
   "                      817-870-5600    ""
  Teac America            213-726-0303 parts (x720 - consumer A/V
  Toshiba                 800-631-3811
  Zenith                  708-671-7550

20.      Specialty/Minor Manufacturers/Vendors phone #s:

  Autodesk                1-800-525-2763 Animation/graphics s/w
  Azden                   1-516-328-7500 Editing & misc A/V equip
  Bogen                   1-201-818-9500  Tripods & Lights
  Caption Decoder(?)      1-800-426-3149 (evening).  Closed Capt.
  Cinema Products         1-800-955-5025  Steadicam Jr
  Cool-Lux                1-800-223-2589  Lights
  Digital Creations       1-916-344-4825  Amiga video (h/w?) &s/w
  EEG enterprises         1-516-293-7472  broadcast qlty
                                          CC {en,de}coders
  FAST                    1-508-655-FAST Electronic Video Machine
                          1-508-650-0447 fax #
  Harmonic Research       1-201-652-3277 RGB dist h/w,
                                         ie.2X2 xpoint swtch
                                        Attn:  James W.
  Home Control Concepts   1-619-693-8887 Computer interface IR
  Instant Replay          1-800-749-8779 multistandard
   "                      1-800-225-7778
   "                      1-305-854-8777
   "                      1-305-858-9053  (Fax)
  Lenmar                  1-213-532-0994  Lights
  NCI                     1-800-533-9673 (voice,Nat'l Captioning
                                         Inst. CC
   "                               -8337 (TDD)
  RGB Spectrum            1-415-848-0180  scan converters
                                          -computer video
  SIGMA                   1-516-585-1144 wide/tele zoom lens
  SIMA                    1-708-679-7462 Movie/Slide xfer
                                         kits, lights
  SLIK                    1-914-347-2223  Tripods
  Smith-Victor            1-800-348-9862  Lights
  SunPak                  1-201-342-2400  Camcorder lights
  Tokina Optical Corp.    1-213-537-9380 camcorder conversion
  Videonics               1-800-338-EDIT  Editors/Char Gen
   "                      1-408-866-8300
  VisionPerfect           1-713-621-2808 Videotape clean/rewinder
                          1-713-621-1639  (Fax)
  Vidicraft               1-800-999-5975  RF xmit/rcvr, baseband
                                          & RF inputs
                          1-503-626-1918   (in Oregon )

21.     Studios/Distributors

  Buena Vista Home Video  1-818-560-1000 (also Disney&Touchstone)
  CBS/Fox Video           1-212-819-3200
  Carolco                 1-213-850-8800 they use Tri-Star for
                                         dn IVE
  Connoisseur Video Coll. 1-213-653-8873
  Criterion Collection    1-213-451-1383  special edition
  Electra/Asylum/Nonesuch Records
   Elektra Entertainment  1-213-288-3800  music video tapes
  EVD                     ??????????????
  Festival Productions    1-213-450-8859
  Festival Foreign        1-213-737-3500  Video/Records
  Fox/Lorber Home Video   1-212-686-6777
  Fries Entertainment     1-213-466-2266
  Hanna-Barbera           1-213-851-5000
  HBO Video               1-212-512-1000
  Home Vision             ??????????????  opera
  Image Entertainment     1-800-473-3475  LDs
   "                      1-213-468-8867
  IVE                     1-818-908-0303  (also FHE)
  JCI                     ??????????????
  Kino                    ??????????????
  LIVE                    ??????????????
  Media                   ??????????????
  MCA/Universal Home Vid  1-818-777-4315
  MGM/UA Home Video       1-800-443-5500  (x798 orders)
   "                      1-213-280-6000
  MPI Home Video          1-708-687-7881
  Mystic Fire             ??????????????
  Nelson Entertainment    1-213-285-6000
  New Yorker              ??????????????
  Orion(R) Home Video     ??????????????
  Orion Pictures          1-213-282-0550
  Pioneer                 1-800-421-1404  LDCA (Laserdisc)
   "                      1-213-835-6177
  Polygram Int'l.         1-213-467-3197  music video tapes
  Polygram Pictures       1-213-477-5232
  Prism Entertainment     1-213-277-3270
  Procenium               ??????????????  music video - opera
  Public Media Video      1-313-878-7300
  RCA/Columbia            ??????????????
  Random House Home Video 1-212-254-1600
  Republic Pictures       1-213-306-4040
  Turner Broadcast Systems  404-827-1700  TBS,TNT (& TBS,WTBS?)
  Turner/RKO Pictures     1-213-277-0707  Home of colorization
  TriStar               ??????????????? Tri-Star??
  Unicorn Video           1-818-407-1333
  Vidmark Entertainment   1-213-399-8877
  Virgin Records          1-213-278-1181  music video tapes
  Warner Home Video       1-818-954-6000
  White Star              ??????????????

22.     Disc/Tape Vendors phone #s:

  01 Laser & Video        1-800-342-9715  LDs & tapes
   "                      1-714-848-4034
   "                      1-714-841-3304  (FAX)
  Barr Digital            1-206-861-4505 voice
   "                      1-206-861-4504 fax
   "                      1-800-274-7002 orders only
  Columbia House          1-800-544-4431 CBS LD&Video Club
                          1-800-262-2001 for orders only
                          1-800-457-0866 cust. srv 8a-12EST 7days
  Ken Crane's             1-800-624-3078  LDs
   "                      1-800-626-1768  (in Calif.)
   "                      1-714-892-2283
  LaserDisc Fan Club      1-800-322-2285  MF 7a-7pPST,
                                                Sat-Sun 8a-5pPST
  Laser World             1-800-343-9211  LDs
  Movies Unlimited        1-800-523-0823
  Reference Recordings    1-800-336-8866 A Video Standard LD101
  Sight & Sound           1-617-894-8633  LDs
  Super Source Video      1-800-331-6304  S-VHS pre-recorded
  Tewksbury Audio Video   1-908-832-9064  voice
   "                      1-908-832-6363  fax
  Video Direct            1-800-255-5013  tapes

23.     Special "Hardware" Mail Order Stores phone #s:

  Innovation Specialties  1-800-222-8228  Nady wireless audio
                                          recording devices
   "                      1-800-624-1784   in California
  Jorrin Enterprises   P.O. Box 1035,           Erasable/Reusable
                       Champlain NY 12915-1035  tape labels
  Pro. Label Service      1-301-598-2357  printer pin-feed tape
  Smile Photo (NYC)     1-800-366-6993  SVHS tape, Y/C cables
                        1-800-372-3700  (one of my fav mail order
  Tape World              1-800-245-6000  Butler, PA, tape in qty

24.     Magazines/Periodicals

  LDN                     1-212-242-3324  Laser Disc Newsletter
  Laser Scene (formerly Laser Views) [monthly, $25/yr, U.S.]
                                        c/o Scott Hughes
                                        386 Noe Street
                                        San Francisco CA 94114
                                        no phone no. given

  The Perfect Vision      1-800-825-0061  TPV (videophile hi-end
   "    (disconnected)    1-800-222-3201  customer service
   "                      1-516-671-6342 (NY)
   "                      1-516-676-5469 (fax)
                last two issues of this fine publication (# 10 and 11).
                The Perfect Vision
                POB 357
                Sea Cliff, NY 11579
                $7.50 ea.  $26/yr US, $34/yr Canada, $41/yr overseas.

  Pond Scum               1-818-342-7886 [monthly, $21/yr, U.S.]
                                         [laserdisc reviews]
                                        J & R Frogg
                                        19126-6 Haynes St.
                                        Reseda, CA 91335

  TV Guide              215-293-8500    vcr+ codes
                                        News America Publications
  Video                 1-212-947-6500  general
                        1-212-947-6727  (fax)
  Videomaker(tm)        1-815-734-4151  amateur camcorder/editing
                                        PO Box 4195 Chico, CA 95927
                        1-916-891-8410  non-subscription questions
  Video PROphiles       1-603-924-0100  (for serious video users)
    (dead?, postponed?)                 IDG Communications
                                        Only published one issue?  
  Video Review          1-800-234-8193  general
                        1-303-447-9330  Alaska,Colorado,Hawaii,
  Video Theater (editor J.Gordon Holt)
        [as often as possible :-), $16 for 6 issues, U.S.]
        1215 Ravenwood Rd.
        Boulder, CO 80303

25.     "Good" Books    - suggest some of your favorites

  Leonard Maltin's      TV Movies & Video Guide 1991

  Halliwells            Several books on movies 1991

  Douglas Pratt         The Laser Video Companion (1988)
                        ISBN 0-918432-86-3

  SAMS Annual Index.    1-800-428-SAMS
                        complete listing of mfgr addrs
                        & phone #s (& distributors).

  Loughney, Katharine.  Film, television, and video periodicals :
                        a comprehensive annotated list
                        New York : Garland Pub., 1991.
                        xv, 431 p. ; 23 cm.  Garland reference 
                        library of the humanities.  vol. 1032
  Premiere              Premiere Guide to Movies on Video
                        edited by Howard Karren.
                        1st HarperPerennial ed.
                        New York, N.Y. : HarperPerennial, 1991.

  Nowlan, Robert A.     The films of the eighties :
                        Robert A. Nowlan and Gwendolyn Wright Nowlan.
                        Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., 1991.

                        A complete, qualitative filmography to
                        over 3400 feature-length English
                        language films, theatrical and
                        video-only, released between January 1,
                        1980, and December 31, 1989


        reviews from Laser Disc Newsletter have been compiled in
        a book, LASER VIDEO DISC COMPANION.  The 2nd edition is
        due out in October.  Price is $24.95 including shipping
        before Sept.30, higher afterwards.  Published by New
        York Zoetrope.  CAll 1-800-CHAPLIN or 1-212-420-1098/1059
        [credit: William L.R. Cruce, wlrc@uhura.neoucom.edu]

Laser Video File        

        Laser Video File
        [semi-annually, $3.50 each at store]
        [$9.95/yr, $17.95/2 yr including postage, U.S.]
        PO Box 828
        Westwood, NJ 07675
        no phone no. given
        [credit: William L.R. Cruce, wlrc@uhura.neoucom.edu]

AVID Amiga Video newsletter

        1.5+ years old 24+ page magazine newsletter for people
        who use the Amiga in a video production environment.
        September 1991 issue was > 60 pages.  If you would like
        to see a sample (no obligation) issue you can request
        one by:
        1)Writing to: AVID, 415-112 N. Mary Ave. #207, Sunnyvale,
                 CA 94086
        2) Calling: voice (408) 252-0508 or FAX (408) 725-8035
        3) E-Mail: AVID@cup.portal.com
        [credit: Jim Plant-Publisher, AVID@cup.portal.com]

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        goldberg@dtoa3.dt.navy.mil (Mark Goldberg)
        wlrc@uhura.neoucom.EDU (William R. Cruce)
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