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ANAC Numbers for 940-xxx-xxxx

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  Subj: ani numbers

                    Telephone ANI Codes for Wichita

           The following codes are for Automatic Number Identification
   for the telephone systems being used by Southwestern Bell Telephone.
   At this time these numbers are not for public use but will be very
   soon. Having a general idea what office you are in will help you
   identify the code you will need to ANI the telephone you are on!!

   Amherst or numbers statring in 26  the code should be 940-68-11111
   Murray or numbers starting in 68 the code should be 940-68-11111
   Northrock or numbers starting in 63 the code should be 940-636-11111
   Andover or numbers starting in 733 the code is 940-733-11111
   Augusta or numbers starting in 775 the code is 940-775-11111
   Rosehill or numbers starting in 776 the code is 940-776-11111
   Jackson or numbers starting in 52 the code at this time is 940-68-11111
   This office is due to be replaced by 12/93
   Temple or numbers starting in 83 the code is 940-68-11111
   This office ism also due to be replace by 12/93
   Sherwood or numbers starting in 744 the code is 940-744-11111
   Vally Center or numbers starting in 755 the cdoe is 940-755-11111
   Whitehall or numbers starting in 94 the code is just 940
   Parkview or Goddard or numbers starting 72 or 794 the code
   is 940-722-11111

well I am looking for the phile that I put those 383 99xx phone numbers in but
I can seem to find it.

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