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Call ANI! Just in case you think 800 numbers have to wait to get their bill to find out who you are...

                                                  Filename: ANI.TXT     
                                                 Title: Call ANI!       
                                                     By: Hell's Angel   
                                                   Released: 06/14/96   
                                                   Danger: 旭旭旭旭旭   
Here is a generic ANI number that works from just about anywhere, I think.
BTW-- if you don't know, quick explination of ANI: ANI = Automatic Number
Identification, and is used by Telco linemen to determine what fone number
they are working on, when they're at a can (the big silver thing on the fone
pole). You pro'lly aren't supposed to use it, but what the hell...they don't
really care. I use it all the time, and telco doesn't bother me at all. Uses?
  Well, say you're getting a toar at IBM, and you come across a fone that's
attached to a modem. You know the modem would be much....fun, but if only
you knew the number....well, you wait till the toar guide is busy, and grab
the fone. Just dial 1-800-MY-ANI-IS, and listen. You'll hear a computer
generated voice say: "You're ANI is....(555) 555-1212" and then repeat.
  That particular situation will never happen to you unless you're lucky as
shit, but you get the idea. Good at school, work, banks, etc...it's almost
worth carrying a one-piece fone to hook up to the line for calling in case
there isn't a fone around....(hint, hint) I wish I had known that one at my
old high school. Much usefulness. In case you missed it, the ANI is:
1-800-MY-ANI-IS or 1-800-692-6447. Enjoy.


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