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Free Phone Calls- NON Voice Over Internet Protocol
ANI Spoofing Free Phone Calls- NON Voice Over Internet Protocol

the ideas and concepts from this file are inspired by Lucky225. he was the one who found the trick and deserves full credit for this method of ANI Spoofing
this file was originally written by Liquid_Illusion and edited by dark_fairytale.

NOTE FROM dark:  Please note that it is not known whether or not the methods explained in this file work
everywhere or how long they will work or even if they still do.  As of recently they still did work. The methods
explained in this text are fairly new and if Bell catches word of it I'm sure they will find some way to correct their
system holes.If you get caught doing this, I'm sure there will be a heavy punishment to pay.  On with the show.

Ok so here is a tutorial on getting free phone calls without the Internet and Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol.

Step 1. Find out if your op delivers ANI to 800's

Below is a guide to find out if your operator has the technology to send ANI to an 800 when you Op-Divert.
Dial 0, get an operator and do the following :

Operator : Hi, thank you for using (phone service name here), This is Fuckface how may I help you?
You : Hi, Im having problems connecting to a number, can you dial it for me?
Operator : Sure what's the number?
You : 1-800-346-0152 (Which is an ANAC. If you have another ANAC, it should work as well.)
Operator : Thank you!

It'll connect and 1 of 2 things will happen. Either it will read back your full number including area code.
Or it will read back just your area code followed by 000-0000. Most operators don't support ani-2-800
forwarding so most of the time 000-0000 will be read back. If it does read back your number, hang up
and cry because you are out of luck. If it reads back (your area code) 000-0000 then you are set.

Step 2. Get the free phone calls.

Now most Call Depots and Call Centers rely on ANI-forwarding in order to bill the line. If the call depot/centers
etc. do not have the ANI they get an ANI-F (ANI FAIL). They will then need to ask you for your number in order
to bill the call. Knowing this, you can , although illegal, get free phone calls with the following methods.

Method #1 : Op Divert to 800-673-7286 (AT&T) and saying as the operator doesn't have your ANI, she will
ask for it. Give the OP any number in the 710 area code. This area code is a US GOV'T area code, and
as far as AT&T billing is concerned, it doesn't exist. After giving her your number in the 710 area code *laugh*
ask her to make a collect call to the person you wish to call.

            (Note from dark: It helps if you pre-arrange it with the person who you are calling to accept the call. Simply explain to
            them that they will never be billed for this call or else they probably will not accept the charges. Capeesh?)

The person you are calling will never be billed for the call because there is no rates for the call, the party simply never receives a bill or any evidence of the call ever being placed, due to the 710 US GOV'T area code you gave.

Method #2  : Op divert to 800-673-7286 again and give the operator any area code and number you wish.
Then have the OP on the 800 # above forward you to any number that allows you to bill calls to the line you
are calling from. For example (800 235 5768 which is Bellsouth) will let you bill to the line. And saying as you
have a fake number to the AT&T OP that forwarded you to the new 800, the new 800 will get that fake number
as your ANI and the fake number will be billed for the call.

(Note from dark: For this method I would suggest using a real phone number. Just simply grab the phone book. I wouldn't use anyone I know or you could become a suspect in toll fraud.)

This information was for educational purposes only and should only be used as such.
Enjoy the free phone calls!    -Liquid Illusion e-mail : liquid_unf@hotmail.com - Check out Liquid's site at Illusion Design .

dark_fairytale email: dark_fairytale@ppchq.org

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