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Brilliant! Beating *67 - it really can be done!

                               Beating *67


I came upon this while i was playing around with *60 which is call blocking
that Bell Canada offers. You can block the last person that called you or you
can add numbers at your own will. To remove a number you just type the number
in and it removes it. But what if that call  is *67ed or a cell?

This is where it gets interesting. Lets say your ex-girl is calling you and
giving you the blow or just hanging up. You see that the call is private. Now
at this point you don't know it's her but got a feeling that it could be her.
How would you prove it?

*60 and block the last number and the lady will tell you that the last number
was private and it was added to the list. Now go back and goto remove number
from list. Lets say you have 2 numbers and 1 private that was added from the
last call.

Before I continue, this method works only if you have a set of numbers that
you think are the people that are calling you and hanging up or bothering you
using *67 or from a cell.

Now back to ..

Get a list of people that you think are the private callers. Start by punching
their numbers in. When the right number matches the voice will tell you that
the number was removed!! Now you know for sure that the person that called
you using *67 was the person that was removed from the list.

This is the only way that you can get someone's number if they have called you
private and No other gimmick is going give you that. Most of the time when
someone is cranking you, its someone that you know. Now you can figure out who
that person is.!!

Brought to you by Midnight Hacker
email to: midhacker@coolmail.net

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