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Expand the capacity of your CIDCO Caller ID box!

Expanding the Capacity of Caller ID Boxes 
A HackerZ Hideout Original 
written by mR. dISCO  (06/08/97)
(c) copyright 1997
This document may be freely reproduced as long as it remains intact. 

This is for informational purposes only.  Anything you screw up is your own damn fault.
Neither mR. dISCO or the HackerZ Hideout will be held responsible if you fuck up your
caller id box.  With that out of the way....

Whats up?
        I found an article in a back issue of 2600 (Spring 1996) on how to
        change the capacity of a CIDCO caller ID box.  This file recaps
        some of that article and gives my own experiences.

The Background...
        CIDCO is the primary brand of caller ID boxes around the country.
        Many other companies market CIDCO boxes under their own name.
        CIDCO boxes come in many different capacities ranging from 10 to 85
        callers.  Most units have about  25 or 30. Since CIDCO is into mass
        production, its cheaper to produce one circuit board and just
        jumper (solder) what capacity they want.  All the owner has to do
        is open the unit up and change the solder point. =]

What Tools You Need...
	- A Cidco Caller ID Box Revision 1.2A to 4.1** 
                To check the rev pop out the batteries, wait until the
                screen fades out and put them back in.  It should say C-NAM
                1.2A or C-NAM 4.1 or whatever. It should then display the
                capacity.  If your capacity is 85 you probably can't
                increase the capacity any.
                ** This may work on other revisions.  2600 sez 1.2A or 1.4.  It worked
		for me on 4.1.  I'll bet they haven't changed much.
	- A soldering iron and basic soldering skills.  
	- Optional: Multitester...helpful for testing the circuit before you put the thing 
	  back together.

How to hack it...
        Turn the unit upside down and unscrew the two visible screws. Take
        off the battery cover.  You'll see too more screws.  Unscrew these
        (duh).  There may be some more screws...you know what to do.
        Eventually you'll get to the circuit board.  There should be a big
        chip in the middle.  On one of the sides (left on rev 4.1) You'll
        see four sets of solder points labeled A - D.  The functions depend
        on the Caller ID version.

	REV 1.2A 
                This has a blue wire from the center chip to one of the
                A  10 numbers
		B  85 numbers
		C  10 numbers
		D  10 numbers
		Don't forget to put the wire on the same side of the solder pad you found it on

	REV 1.4
		Solder/Unsolder the points for the capacity you want
		(make sure only one pair is soldered)		

	   X2	C  10 numbers
		B  30 numbers
		A  60 numbers
		(none) 85 numbers

	   R17  D  French/English
		E  Spanish/English
		F  English only

	REV 4.1		
		A 30 Numbers   
		B 60 Numbers 
		C 25 Numbers
		D 30 Numbers
		(none) 85 numbers {I think. I had to stop before it was tested I'll 
				   update this when I get a chance}

In Conclusion...
        If anyone finds different combinations for different boxes,  I'd be

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