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Crashing Caller ID

                           []- C . O . R . E -[]
                             []- Caller ID -[]
                             []- BY: Death -[]

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      What is caller ID? Caller ID a little system that the telephone 
      company made to make the life of a pranker impossible to get 
      away with. Welp Now there are new way to beat the systems.
      There are many different ways to stop the transmission of CID.
      Here are a couple of them.
   1. CID usually take one or two rings before the the message of your
      phone to be transfered to the phone that you are calling to.
      Welp here is one way to stop it.. Call the place that has CID
      xxx-xxxx then hang up right before you hear the first ring.. 
      This will then send an automatic ring to the party that you are 
      calling to, this signal will automaticlly be picked by the CID  
      even know there is nothing to pick up..

   2. You then call back the same party xxx-xxxx 2-3 seconds right after.
      By doing so you will not give the CID to recover and the CID will
      then give the host the wrong information.. And you are home free.

   3. There is another way of crashing CID.. Before you you call the other
      party you mush add a prefix. This prefix tells the CID that it is a
      private phone number, which means it cannot be given out for any 
      reason unless the person gives it to you. The prefix is "*67".
      When you pick up the phone you will hear the tone. you then press 
      "*67" it will then cut off for a second and the normal tone will come
      back. You then type in the the normal phone number. You must do this 
      before dial every number, if you want to make it private. But if you 
      dial it and you get a message then try the method above.
      Note: You sometimes you cannot use this prefix "*67" if your phone 
            switch is an #1 or #1A ESS switches.. You could find out by 
            picking up the phone calling someone and right before the 
            telephone rings you will hear a "CERCLUNK" sound. This means 
            that your switch is being run under a ESS switch.. Sometimes 
            it works even if you have a ESS switch.. 
            It usually works on #5 ESS and DMS 100 switches because it is 
      Note ][: this may only work in the U.S.A      

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