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Where to get your Motorola Caller-ID chips

(222)   Sun 3 Nov 91 22:02
By: Harold Hallikainen
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Re: Caller ID Chip from Motorola
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From: hhallika@nike.calpoly.edu (Harold Hallikainen)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom
Subject: Caller ID Chip from Motorola
Organization: TELECOM Digest

{Electronic Engineering Times}, 28 October 1991, page 79

    Motorola's MOS digital-analog IC division has entered the
telephone-caller identification market with a highly integrated CMOS
chip designed to demodulate the Bell 202 1,200-baud frequency-shift-
keying asynchronous data.

    The primary use for the MC145447 is in telephone adjunct boxes
and telephone products that can receive and display the calling number
or message-waiting indicators that's been sent to subscribers from
participating central-office facilities of the public-switched
network.  The device contains a carrier-detect circuit and a ring
detector that can be used to power-up the device.

    The chip operates from a single supply of 3.5 V to 6 V.  The
pin-selectable clock frequencies are 3.68 MHz, 3.58 MHz or 455 KHz.

    In quantities of 1,000, the caller-ID chip goes for 2.23 each.
In quantities of 25,000, the price drops to $1.88 per unit.

    More info, call Dave Kolkman, 512 928 6733


    Note also that Yamaha has what they are calling a "Vodem" chip
that does standard 2400 bps data modem communications, 9600 bps fax
send/receive, DTMF detection and generation, voice generation
(probably thru digitized voice instead of synthesis), and Caller-ID.


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