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Spoofing Caller ID with the Nokia 5190

         "ha10g3n presentz - Spoofing Caller ID with the Nokia 5190"

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#e-mail: ha10g3n@inferi0r.cc
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I do not assume ANY fucking responsibility for what you do.  For Example: if you
just so happen to lean back in your chair after using these techniques, nock
your momma's DSS receiver out of your window and land it in a swimming pool
full of 'leet wannabe hack0rs killing them and rupturing a fault line, sending
half of California into the ocean.  IT'S NOT MY FUCKING FAULT!


Well..  Lets get started.  Fisrt off this zine is about the Nokia 5190/GSM
cellular phone.  (The only GSM provider in Canada currently is Microcell
Solutions aka Fido)..  

First some interesting points about GSM (<G>lobal <S>ystem for <M>obile

1. An RS232 cable can be purchaced for around $25.00..  This is handy if you
want to use the Nokia's internal cell modem (Yes, the cell has a built in
mod + demod... Congrats to Nokia!) to connect it to a Palm, laptop or
something similer..

2. GSM has a DES style encryption, so you can hack0r with some confidence that
some lamer with a scanner won't be listening..

3. GSM's compression + error correction is the best in the industry...  Yes,
you can actually achive speeds up to 56k...  (46.6kbps in Canada..  pr0ps to
the CRTC)

Anyways.  Here comes the phun. <G>

First off turn the phone on (duh!), the enter * 3 0 0 1 # 1 2 3 4 5 #  (Yes
Fido is one of the GSM providers that doesnt even understand the features of
it's network.. they leave the code at 12345  :)

You should now have a "NAM 1"  (Note: When you are finished with setting the NAM 1,
you have to power the phone off then on to have the changes take effect...)

When I questioned the techs at fido they disregarded any infromation of it and 
hung up on me. }:>

Cont: Browse through the options until you find "Own Phone #"  this is where you can 
enter anything you want and spoof caller id information..  kewl eh?  (Note: Fido
numbers cannot be spoofed but numbers like 911 can.. just a hint tho)

The other options have no effect when on the fido system.  They are neat to play
with when you are in the US tho..  Tower switching and other neat things can 
be achieved..

Make sure you write down all the #'s before starting..  Fido will charge you
$20.00 or so to have it all set back to factory defaults..

Have phun.



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