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A tactic (not available everywhere) to get Caller ID data even on blocked calls!

From coconut531@geocities.com Sat Jan 23 22:05:17 1999
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: Re: Recieving Blocked numbers through Caller ID
From: "ByteJammer" <coconut531@geocities.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:05:17 -0800

To get a blocked number to show up, get an ISDN line, they can't spoof


Cyber Thief wrote in message <77v342$jgp@bgtnsc02.worldnet.att.net>...
>Where in Florida did you try this? I live in Palm Beach and *69 works
>on blocked calls. It won't tell you the number but it will let you call
>them back.
>In article <19990118001950.00906.00002065@ng32.aol.com>,
>snowman629@aol.commypants says...
>>>Try using *69. When the guy calls and it says "anonymous" or wahtever
>>>on the Caller ID hang up quickly and *69 him. It should ring busy
>>>because the switch hasn't had time to close the loop on his end.
>>>Hopefully your phone company offers the callback feature so that if a
>>>line is busy they'll ring you back with the connection. Activate the
>>>feature by pushing "1" (in most places) and it will ring you back
>>>the connection once his end of the loop has closed. Check your Caller
>>>ID display and his number should be there!
>>The areas I have used *69 in ( only in Florida and New Jersey ) if the
>>calling made his/her number anonymous then *69 did not work either.
>Cyber Thief
>Email: cyberthief@deathsdoor.com
>Homepage: http://nettrash.com/users/cyberthief/

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