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UK Caller ID FAQ

Caller ID/ Caller Identification (CLI/CLID)

Is Caller ID available in the UK ?

Yes. A detailed discussion paper covering most of the issues, including an
appendix by the Data Protection Registrar and the results of a survey of
public attitudes, was published as follows

   Consultative document : calling line identification / issued by the
      Director General of Telecommunications. September 1993. 20 pages.

(contact Oftel for this)

from the April 1994 BABT Newsletter

     [Special Investigation & Test Schedule - ie. Specification]
     BABT/TC/128, which has been available for comment, will not be
     ratified by the BABT Technical Committee until OFTEL have
     resolved the position regarding competition between public
     network operators (PTOs).

Other operator's networks are likely to offer similar services in the
future at which time Caller ID will almost certainly be passed between

For BT, to use Caller Display you need a special telephone or display unit
which show, and then store, the numbers of incoming callers. Call Return
simply stores the number of your last incoming caller, and will work with
any phone. You can dial 1471 to get a reading of the last number that
attempted to ring (free).

There are a range of free options for preventing their identity going
forward on outgoing calls and blocking incoming anonymous calls. The
simplest of these is the '141' service which blocks caller id going forward
on a per-call basis. You can also have all calls blocked and then release
per-call with '1470'.

For more information on Caller Display and Call Return call 0800 801471.

[See the archive for some technical information upon BT's CLI or try and
find British Telecommunications Engineering, Volume 12, part 3- October

What PSTN phones support Caller ID?

BT has one PSTN phone- the Relate 1000, that supports Caller ID.

Early releases of this phone suffered from a problem where the unit's
processor would 'hang', causing the Caller ID display to miss incoming
calls until the handset is picked up. To fix this problem, ask BT to supply
a phone with a serial number ending "B22" (or, presumably, later versions).

Reports say that even the latest phones miss the occaisional call, but
doesn't crash. Various ideas for the missing calls, including noisy lines
between Exchange and handset, have been suggested.

What ISDN phones support Caller ID, decoding and displaying it?

DP2000 From BT - is an ISDN phone with analogue jack and RS-232 38K port It
does CLI, MSN, stores last 10 CLI so you can return your calls and it looks
OK. (Caller ID to ISDN costs UKP3.40 per quarter).

I've seen a couple of ads in Exchange & Mart for Caller ID devices...
anyone know if these really work ?

No. They are EITHER boxes made to the USA standard (which was not adopted
in the UK) or boxes that ask callers to input their number in MF tones, and
then display what is input.

Can I route a call to different devices depending upon the CLI?

Yes, at least one such device exists and has been discussed

Lineplex CS200 Call Router

 Uses the CLI service to switch calls based on the caller's telephone number
 Stores 60 telephone numbers that can be directed to one or other of two ports
 Totally silent operation
 Can be interfaced to PC to upload CLI information
 Supplied with software to display and store phone line
 Overnight e-mail
 Priority call routing
 Call seperation
 Rejection of unwanted calls

From Lineplex Ltd, Fairmile House, High Street, Ripley, Surrey GU23 6AN Tel
01483 211858; Fax 01483 211632. Price is UKP135 + VAT
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