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Actualanalyzer - remote file include vulnerability
ActualAnalyzer - Remote File Include Vulnerability
ActualAnalyzer - Remote File Include Vulnerability

[MajorSecurity]ActualAnalyzer - Remote File Include Vulnerability 
Software: ActualAnalyzer
Type: Remote File Include Vulnerability
Date: April, 19th 2006
Vendor: ActualScripts
Page: http://actualscripts.com 
Risc: High

Discovered by: 'Aesthetico'

Affected Products:
ActualAnalyzer Lite 2.72   and prior
ActualAnalyzer Gold 7.63   and prior
ActualAnalyzer Server 8.23 and prior

ActualAnalyzer is a powerful statistics-gathering and analysis tool for monitoring web site traffic. 
It is equally effective for sites with low and high volumes of traffic 
and provides a wealth of comparative and analytical information.
High performance is achieved by using a MySQL database. 

register_globals = On

Input passed to the "rf" parameter in "direct.php" is not
properly verified, before it is used to include files. This can be
exploited to include arbitrary files from external resources.

Edit the source code to ensure that input is properly sanitised.

Set "register_globals" to "Off".

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