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AttackAPI 2.0 alpha
AttackAPI 2.0 alpha
AttackAPI 2.0 alpha


I understand that this announcement may be disturbing but I decided to
do it anyway.

I am quite happy to introduce AttackAPI 2.0 branch which is a lot
better then the 1.x. Now it is a lot easier to code JavaScript attack
vectors. There are also quite a few improvements that will become
obvious once you start using it.

I decided to call this release "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" after
the 1978, so called, horror movie. Don't ask.

There are some cool plans for the next version which I am quite
excited about but that will come latter. The demonstrations do not
outline all AttackAPI features so spend some time over the source
code. The documentation is on its way. Any code and doc contributions
will be greatly appreciated.

Check the SVN for more information:


pdp (architect) | petko d. petkov

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